Nexplay Esports issues public statement about Kazekiro and Arashee cheating at the ESL MSP Championship – Arena of Valor


16th, Sep, 2019

On Friday 13th Sept, ESL Asia had announced the disqualification of Malaysian Arena of Valor team Nexplay Esports on account of cheating via the use of ringers in an official match at the ESL MSP Championship. Nexplay Esports responded to this with a strong-handed statement saying that an internal investigation would be conducted and if the players were found cheating, action would be taken against them. The announcement also went on to state that if ESL Asia was unable to provide solid proof that Nexplay was indeed cheating, legal action would be taken accordingly.

However, in a public statement posted to its Facebook page today, Nexplay Esports has announced that its internal investigation has revealed that two of their players, Mohd ‘Kazekiro’ Fadli and Syihanasyraf ‘Arashee’ were indeed using “pilot/ringers” (unregistered players competing on a registered player’s account) in their ESL MSP Championship group stage match on Sep 8th, 2019. The management claims to be unaware of the players’ actions and both have now been let go of from the esports team.

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