MLBB | First loss for Bigetron as Aura pick up two wins in week 3 of MPL-ID Season 4

Shounak Sengupta
10/Sep/2019 09:49 am

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Week 3 of the MLBB Professional League saw Bigetron lose their first series of the tournament as they went down 0-2 to Onic. As a result, Aura have leapfrogged them to the top of the table, courtesy of 2 wins over EVOS and Geek Fam respectively. 

RRQ were the other big winners of the week, also notching up 2 wins, over Genflix Aerowolf and Alter Ego. Genflix are struggling at the bottom of the table, having failed to win a single game over the course of three weeks. Onic bounced back from 2 losses last week to win their only match this week, taking down the heavyweights, Bigetron 2-0. 

Geek Fam have also hit a rough patch, as they suffered two losses and have managed to win only 1 series in three weeks of play. 


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