Kronten and ELG in 2nd place as SouL and TeamIND both suffer on Day 1 of PMSC 2019

Shounak Sengupta
7/Sep/2019 02:08 pm

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The PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 kicked off earlier today after a lot of fanfare and a kickass opening ceremony and we take a look at all the best moments of the day as the dust settles. 16 content creators had teamed up with 16 professional teams as they wiill play out 8 maps over a course of 2 days in a bid to be declared the champions. 

RRQ + Kenboo sit in 1st place with a comfortable 20 point lead

Kenboo, who plays for RRQ Indonesia teamed up with RRQ Athena, who are from Thailand and the squad performed quite well winning the 2nd map of the day. Additionally, they always managed to place in the top 6 and picked up 32 kills across 4 maps as the squad became the first to cross the 100 point mark at the end of Day 1. 

Chinese team ELG and India’s Kronten Gaming get one WWCD to cement their 2nd position

The squad of China’s Elite Gaming and India’s Kronten may seem like a weird one but it is one of the few ones where both the content creator and the squad have competitive experience. Kronten also touched upon how communication between himself and the players due to the language barrier, but the team still managed to do well. It could also be because ELG are the highest-rated team in the tournament based on the fact that they placed in 3rd at PMCO Summer, higher than all their competition at PMSC. 

TeamIND and SouL struggle on opening day

Gareebooo + TeamIND aka GG and The Rawknee + SouL aka Spark both had a quiet day as they failed to get going. Team GG have struggled massively, picking up just 5 kills in their 4 games and sit in the second last position with 24 points. Meanwhile, Spark, who benched Owais for Day 1 are also not that far ahead and sit in 13th place with 43. They only managed one top 5 finish and just 7 kills for the day despite being one of the teams with such a high amount of support. 

Image via: @VSPN

Dita + Bigetron take a 23 kill chicken dinner

Elsewhere, Indonesian content creator, Dita has gelled with the Indonesian squad of Bigetron Esports and they occupy third place. The team had quite a poor showing finishing outside the top 10 in three out of 4 maps. But just 1 WWCD on Vikendi with 23 kills propels them into the top 3. 

Here’s a recap of  the 4 matches today: 

SanhokMitchel + ARG6K7 + BRK4Kronten + ELG6
MiramarKenboo + RRQ10K7 + BRK2ARXY + Uniq7
VikendiDita + Bigetron23Dynamo + SNT3Bulshark + EVOS7
ErangelKronten + ELG13Tsulin + SZ Black12Rolex + SSG6

Day 2 will determine which content creator and team will be crowned the champions of PMSC 2019. Stay tuned for all the updates and news! 


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