MLBB | Onic reign supreme in week 1 of MPL ID

Shounak Sengupta
26/Aug/2019 09:41 am

MPL ID or the MLBB Professional League kicked off on Friday for its first weekend of action. Over the course of the 3 days, each team played 2 games each and the coming weeks will see a similar pattern. 

On the first day, 23rd of August, Bigetron smashed Alter Ego out of the park in the opening game of the season with a clinical 2-0. After that, Aura were able to take down Genflix 2-1 to pick up their first win of the season. 

On the 24th, Onic showed that they are still the team to beat, taking down RRQ 2-0. IENC 2019 champions, EVOS were able to get their first win with a 2-1 over Geek Fam, while Aura notched up their second win of the season, with a clean 2-0 over Alter Ego. 

On 25th, Bigetron came back from 1 game behind to take down Geek Fam 2-1, while EVOS and Onic also picked up clean 2-0 wins. 

With this, Onic sit on top of the table after week 1, while Aura, Bigetron and EVOS follow them closely. Geek Fam, Alter Ego, RRQ and Genflix are yet to pick up a single series win in season 4. However, this is only the beginning with 8 weeks of games still remaining. All teams will have a good shot of making it to the playoffs, and even get their revenge on the teams who beat them, in the rematch. 

PlayedW-LGames wonGames lost
3Bigetron 22-041
5Geek Fam20-224
7Alter Ego20-204


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