PUBGM | Helicopters, Combat vehicles and grenade launchers - what to expect from the next update

Shounak Sengupta
25/Aug/2019 08:45 am

Cover and thumbnail source: Mr Ghost Gaming

There is good news on the horizon on PUBGM fans as there’s likely to be a ton of new updates and changes in upcoming patches. The Chinese version of the game ‘which is called Peacekeeper Elite, which is in its beta phase has already implemented some of these new features which does imply that they could be in PUBGM soon.

The helicopter is currently available only on Erangel on top of school in Peacekeeper Elite but quite a few clips and videos have surfaced showing players flying what is the only aerial vehicle currently in the game. 

There are also quite a few features from the PC version of the game that are yet to come to PUBGM, such as the BRDM which is an amphibious vehicle that can go in the water and on the land. It also is very durable and has a tremendously high HP, twice that of a UAZ but is only available via a flare gun. 

The Chinese version has also revealed grenade launchers and missile launchers to help players counter these strong vehicles. Additionally, the new version of Erangel, which is out in the PC version is yet to be ported to mobile along with balance updates to guns, drop rates and circle reworks which have been implemented in PC.  


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