PUBGM | Entity Gaming to host show matches between India and Pakistan to celebrate Independence Day

Shounak Sengupta
15/Aug/2019 06:06 am

Indian organization, Entity Gaming will be hosting 3 exhibition matches between players from India and Pakistan, to celebrate the occasion of Independence Day, on August 15th. While Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on the 14th of August, India does so on the 15th and the event will look to not only celebrate these occasions but also foster a spirit of peace and neighbourly love via these show matches.



While politically, the situation continues to remain tense between the two nations, the endeavour looks to use esports as a bridge to bring the gamers from the two countries closer together. Many times in the past, sport has played a crucial role in helping countries mend their relations, so it’s only fair to assume that esports could one day have the same effect. 

The list of teams includes some high profile names such as TeamIND, Orange Rock Esports, Entity Gaming and 8 bit on the India side while NVME, STAR and NXS. A total of 12 top teams will be playing in the show match so there is bound to be some high-quality gameplay. 


It definitely is some good news and a chance for teams and players to showcase their talents while working towards a good cause. The matches will be streamed live on ETG’s YouTube channel from 4 pm IST with Ketan ‘K18’ Patel leading the charge!

Writer’s note: Personally speaking, this announcement is a great initiative and its very cool to see Entity Gaming taking it up. It shows a lot about what the organization has been trying to do with esports and building a brand while there is a chance of it turning south, the decision is bold and in the right spirit. Definitely something many orgs could learn from, not just in the subcontinent but outside as well.  


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