Fnatic India player, Sc0utOP talks about his pro career and approach to competitive play in latest interview with Nodwin Gaming

Shounak Sengupta
20/Oct/2019 10:22 am

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Fnatic’s acquisition of Indian PUBG Mobile squad, XSpark has been the talk of the town and in an interview with Nodwin Gaming, Captain and in-game leader Tanmay 'Sc0utOP' Singh was seen talking about his journey to being a pro player and his philosophies and approach to being a competitive player.

Sc0ut on being an experienced player and the importance of being a veteran

In the interview which has conducted in Hindi, Sc0ut was seen discussing his new team and teammates. He goes on to say that the team is new but the players have a lot of experience which is what makes them good. Currently, the team is practising and trying to gel with each other in order to prepare for future tournaments. He explains, that when it comes to skills and raw talent, there are many good players in India. However, he feels that the experience that he, Owais and Ronak have sets them apart from the rest. 

Approach to gaming and constantly improving

Sc0ut felt that going to the top and being the best is easy but staying on top and maintaining your position is the difficult part. He went on to say that there is always teams and players who are grinding to be the best. Therefore you also have to be constantly improving and never think that no one can beat you. The minute you think that you are the best, you are liable to be beaten. 

Playstyle and No-respect gaming

With regard to his playstyle Sc0ut explains that the moment you think that someone else is stronger than you, you have already lost. So never be afraid of a player or team. Be confident on your aim and your firepower and take the shots if you have an advantage. If you always play scared, you will never be able to win. 

You can find the full interview in the video, where Sc0ut discusses many other topics such as his experience as a caster, how he learnt to use gyroscope and who he thinks are some of the other good players in India and such. A second part of the interview will also be released shortly. 


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