5 Tips To Be A Professional Player

Shounak Sengupta
23/Mar/2020 02:03 pm

Everyday we get a lot of messages from young players and aspiring professionals on if we can sponsor them or how they can join a pro team or how to become a professional player. I’m sure that a lot of pro players, team owners, streamers, talent and community leaders also get bombarded with these questions. A generic answer that I’ve seen a lot is “To work hard” or “grind” and while yes it is true that to become a professional player you do have to put in the hours and the effort, the advice feels more like lip service. Nonetheless, we came up with 5 practical and realistic tips that should help those looking to turn pro. 

1. Write Down Your Mistakes

One important tip that a lot of aspiring professionals across multiple games have used is ‘Writing down your mistakes’. This is one of the key things that you can use to work smarter and better instead of harder. Keep a diary with you when you play and every time you die, get downed or make a bad rotation make sure to write down why it happened and what else you could have done. 

Revisit this diary from time to time and understand what are the common mistakes that you are making. Once you know then it’s much easier to work on specific aspects of your game and improve. Keep checking your notes to see if your mistakes are reducing in number and if any new ones are popping up. It’s hard to be critical of your own gameplay but having hard data to back it up will help you look at things objectively. 


Overpeeked a guy with a better scope/position. 

Did not carry enough smoke grenades. 

Looted for too long in the first circle. 

2. Keep Short Term Goals

It’s hard to work hard when you don’t have clear goals and if your goals are too lofty, you might get demotivated especially because the process is long, hard and tiring. We advise keeping short term goals that are realistically achievable. Maintain a diary and set your goals weekly or biweekly depending on the goal. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, it seems nearly impossible to achieve it. 

An example of short term goals can be:

Week 1: Work on giving better callouts + Rotating early. 

Week 2: Spray control with 6X + Utility Usage

This way you can focus on a particular theme at a time and work the basics into your game one at a time. Focus on your goals actively, and try to make them part of your natural game so that the next week after the week is over, you can move onto your next target. It’s okay to extend your timeline and choose timelines that you are comfortable with. Keeping short terms goals helps you stay motivated and breaks up a much longer journey into sizeable, achievable parts. 

3. Make Connections and Be a Better Teammate

PUBG is a team game and good communication and right teammates are invaluable skills to have as a pro player. Screaming, shouting and raging at teammates is an easy way to never finding a stable team. Communication in-game can be divided into 3Cs. Crisp, Clear and Concise. Communication outside the game with your teammates is meant to be respectful, productive and should be done with an open mind. Never go into a team discussion without being open to feedback and never speak to someone in a way you wouldn’t like to be spoken to. 

Be consciously aware of how you are speaking to other players and teammates and be receptive when they are speaking to you. You are more likely to listen and be attentive when someone is speaking calmly and respectfully and the same applies for everyone else.  

4. Learn to Switch Off

Trying to be a professional player can be exhausting. Putting in the hours everyday and not knowing whether it will all amount to something is scary and it’s important to be able to switch off at times. Don’t spend an absurd amount of time playing - Not only will you lose your passion and drive, you’ll find yourself getting frustrated and fatigued. Instead, allocate your time wisely between playing, school/college, socializing and doing whatever else you guys like to do. When you are playing however, be serious and work on your goals. When you are not, don’t think about the game too much. Bad day of PUBG - let it go, try again tomorrow. Didn’t find the time to play today? No worries, you can always make up another time. 

More than anything, switching off the game allows you to take a break, recharge and come back with a fresh mind. If you know that you can only play a few hours a day, you’ll be motivated to put in your maximum effort during that time. If you just keep hitting find match after find match, you’ll find yourself slipping. 

5. Have Fun

This tip you might have seen elsewhere but it still remains as true as anything. One of the most important things to do while playing PUBG Mobile is to have fun. After all, that’s what the game is meant for. Sometimes it’s okay to goof off. Go for that pan kill, play with that friend of yours who is terrible at it but is super fun on the voice chat, have that 1v1 sniper showoff on TDM. The moment you stop having fun, is when you should reevaluate your choices. In fact, even the grind and the hard work and the scrims should all excite and motivate you to keep on going. 

The road to being a professional player is not the same for any two players and is definitely not a defined and charted path for you to follow. Everyone must decide their own path and will go through challenges and obstacles that are unique to them.

We hope our tips serve you well and if you have some great tips do let us know via any of our social media handles or in the comments below! Until next time, happy fragging. 


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