Top Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile

Nutan Lele
17/Aug/2020 10:55 am

Sniper rifles work well on PUBG Mobile’s large maps which span for several kilometres. Sniper rifles can take down enemies from a safe distance, helping players avoid direct confrontations. However, not all sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile are made equal. PUBG Mobile has a diverse range of bolt action sniper rifles and designated marksmen rifles. Weapon choices are influenced by the map being played. The 7.62mm cartridge snipers like Kar-98, SKS, and SLR are preferable in Miramar, while Kar-98, AWM, and Mini14 can be used in almost every map of the game. For this list, DMRs (designated marksmen rifles) including VSS were considered, along with bolt action sniper rifles.

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Top Sniper Rifles (Including DMRs)

Snipers and DMRs in PUBG MobileSnipers and DMRs in PUBG Mobile


AWM is considered one of the best sniper in PUBG Mobile because of its sheer damage output. It is the only weapon that can one-shot a player with a Level 3 helmet. The AWM deals more damage at long distances compared to any other weapon currently in the game, inflicting high base damage and 264 headshot damage. As one of the most accurate sniper rifles in the game, the AWM’s recoil and bullet recovery is one of the best. Players dread hearing the unmistakable .300 magnum shots. AWM is also one of the rarest of rifles in the game (only found in supply drops), making this weapon good for a high risk, high reward playstyle. 


The MK14 is versatile and accurate. For mid and/or long-range, it has one of the highest bullet velocity and lowest bullet drop amongst all DMRs in PUBG Mobile. It can shoot multiple single shots in quick succession making for a good spray to take down moving players. The MK14 also has an auto-fire mode, making it deadly in close-range combats. An Extended Mag is a must for this gun because it only houses 10 bullets per magazine. While the recoil is high, the MK14 has bipod stand which lets you prone and spray with deadly accuracy. It takes 0.18 seconds time to clear a Level 2 vest. MK14s can be obtained from drop crates.


M24 is a powerful weapon with good damage, with a bullet speed of 810 m/s, making it one of the best snipers in PUBG Mobile. While the weapon does less damage than an AWM, it is easier to find. It used to be an airdrop-exclusive, but now it is available in spawns throughout the map. The M24 has a higher bullet velocity than a K98 and does a decent bit of damage, enough to one-shot a player with a Level 2 Helmet. It has good firing speed but takes some time to reload. 


Kar-98 is one of the more popular sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile. With an unmistakable sound, this rifle is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about snipers in PUBG Mobile. It uses 7.62mm ammo and while it is weaker than other rifles in the game, it is easier to find than other guns like the M24. Pair it with an 8x scope and a precise shot can down an enemy with ease. 


The SLR is a newer weapon in PUBG Mobile. It does a decent chunk of damage but at the cost of more recoil. The initial bullet velocity of SLR is high at 857 m/s, on par with the MK14. The initial bullet velocity of SLR makes it preferable in close combat with proper positioning. The SLR, unfortunately, doesn't have a Grip so players need time to train their aim with this sniper rifle. 

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