Who Would You Put In Your Indian PUBG Mobile Dream Team?

Shounak Sengupta
25/Mar/2020 10:37 am

If you could choose your favorite players from the Indian PUBG Mobile community to make a team, who would you choose? We take a look at some of the top contenders in each category and role and go through some options for each. 

In-game Leader

The IGL or in-game leader is one of the most important positions in the team. From making the right calls to ensuring the team has the right utility and resources to put up a fight, the IGL’s job only gets more difficult because he also has to contribute in terms of frags. With a huge amount of pressure riding on them every game, IGLs have to stay calm, collected and focused. Here are our picks for the top IGLs in the country. 

Clutchgod has established himself as a great IGL who also has a lot of raw individual skill when it comes to gun play. Currently in charge of TSM-Entity, the young star has already shown his worth in PMPL South Asia, at least in the short amount of time the tournament has been played out for. Mavi is by far one of the brightest minds in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene and leads his team brilliantly. He’s also often the first one entering battle, making the risky flank play work and scouting ahead to clear a path for his team. A true leader who believes in leading from the front. 

Another great choice for an IGL is SynerGE’s Seervi. While sometimes, SynerGE’s initial pace can be slow, once they do get the ball rolling, it’s hard to put a stop to them. Leading the charge is Seervi who not only is a prolific fragger but sets up his time nicely to help them shine. SynerGE’s defensivce setups have often looked impenetrable and the team are well on their way to becoming one of the best and most consistent sides in India. 

  • Mavi
  • Seervi
  • Clutchgod


A role which might be slightly controversial as there are many teams who don’t run a dedicated sniper, but we feel that it’s still a crucial aspect to building a great lineup. Orange Rock’s Daljitsk has been one of India’s best snipers for a while now and we simply cannot imagine a list without him. With some of the most insane reflexes and clutch flick shots, Daljitsk has to be the number 1 pick for a Sniper in the team. Team IND’s Slayer is also a reliable choice as the experienced veteran has proved that he has both the brains and the brawns to play at the highest level. While his skill with all guns is equally high, there is something special when there is a sniper in the man’s hands. 

  • Daljitsk
  • Slayer

Entry Fragger

A role that requires the highest amount of raw skill is that of the entry fragger’s. From lightning fast reflexes to the right attitude and mentality to be able to go in for a kill, an entry fragger will almost always be on the frontline. Being able to make quick decisions and the ability to adjust on the fly are crucial for getting your team the opening advantage. Undoubtedly, TSM-Entity’s Jonathan is one of our top candidates for this role. The player has shown over the last year that he is certainly a top player and can give even the best names a run for their money. Coupled with incredible game sense, Jonathan is a must have in any dream team. Another player whose meteoric rise has impressed everyone is MantyOP from Team Tamilas. His individual skill and ability to find frags has been a breath of fresh air in the Indian scene and the young star is set to enjoy a long career from the way things are. The third and final candidate for this position is Godlike’s Xz1st. A player who has proved time and again that he has both the experience and the skill to find consistent frags and is able to thrive in high pressure situations. Great at short and mid range, Xz1st can often turn bad situations into good ones with his ability to find kills on unsuspecting targets.

  • Daljitsk
  • Jonathan


One role that a lot of people seem to misunderstand is that of the support’s. While many think that this role is reserved for a weaker player, it couldn’t be further than the truth. A good support player has all the skills of each of the roles mentioned above. Not only does he have to back up the entry fragger and the IGL in terms of fragging, he also has to filter the IGL’s calls and provide him options from time to time. Additional roles can and do include picking up a DMR when necessary, having to go that extra mile to pick up smokes and grenades for the end zone and waiting in the blue to allow your team to cross over. Not only this, but the support player has to understand and react to his teammate’s tendencies, so that he can back them up at any given point in time. The role requires skill, experience, good communication and an ability to make good micro decisions. 

One player who excels in this role is Sc0utOP. With Fnatic, you’ll often see him slotting in as a flex/support because he is just that good with all aspects of the game. This allows his entire team to stick their playstyle while he bears the burden. With a wealth of domestic and international experience, the player has the right skillset to be a support/flex. Godlike’s Carry is also a name that comes to mind and the player has the right combinations of skills, strategy and experience to make things work for him. Finally, our last pick for this role is none other than Sangwan. A calculated risk taker and incredibly sharp player, Sangwan may be infamous for his snaking tactics, but in reality is so much more than that. His utility usage is unparalleled and the player has one of the most disciplined approaches to the game. He rarely gives away his position and is always ready and willing to get a trade kill or put himself in a position to get traded. 

  • Sangwan
  • Sc0utOP
  • Carry

This concludes our picks for an Indian PUBG Mobile Dream Team. Let us know who you’d pick for your fantasy draft in the comments below. 


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