A TL;DR of League Champions Korea 2020 Spring Season

Nutan Lele
1/May/2020 07:49 am
  • Gen. G led the pack in the League Stage with T1 behind them.
  • T1 dominated the playoffs and won the split beating Gen. G.
  • Griffin gets relegated and Team Dynamics qualify for Summer Season.

Yesterday marked the close of LCK 2020 Spring Split, the first season of the year. The 2020 League Champions Korea saw ten teams compete in a double round-robin. The top five teams moved to Spring Playoffs.  

The Spring Season

The opening week of the LCK had neck and neck competition. Gen. G and Afreeca Freecs tied for first place with a score of 2-0 with Dragon X hot on their tail. T1 came out strong with a four-way tie for third place alongside Hanwha Life, Damwon, and SANDBOX Gaming. KT Rolster, APK Prince, and Griffin sank to the bottom of the board. 

Dragon X’s strong start crumbled over the next 3 weeks, with T1 and Gen. G getting insane win streaks. The top three of the pack became clear by the end of week 6. The first 3 weeks were bad for KT Rolster coming in last but they fought till the end and eventually ended up 4th on the board. Gen G had a good run until the end. They snatched the top spot away from T1 with a two game advantage and ended up with the best overall score at the top of the leaderboard. Gen.G’S Bdd was declared MVP of the league stage. 

Match sets we enjoyed:

The Spring Playoffs

After 7 playoff games, it was clear why T1 were 2020 LCK Spring Split champions. This powerhouse of a team with Teddy and Faker steamrolled the playoffs. Cuzz ended up with the highest KDA overall. After the league stage, T1 became an unstoppable force in the playoffs. Four of the five highest KDAs in the postseason belonged to T1. The team lost only one game to DragonX and comfortably swept the finals against Gen.G with a 3-0 win. 

Griffin and Sandbox found themselves playing against Seorabeol Gaming and Team Dynamics respectively, in the summer promotion. Griffin lost both their games and got a shocking relegation to the CK series. SANDBOX Gaming managed to snatch a decisive victory against Seorabeol Gaming. SANDBOX Gaming retained their spot in the LCK. While Team Dynamics qualified out of the Summer Promotions.

Korean fans have seen a lot of roster changes during pre-season. They might see a few here and there between the Spring and Summer Splits but as of now, the rosters stand.

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