Will Escape From Tarkov Come To Console? Latest Details

Abhimannu Das
13/Apr/2021 10:03 am

Escape From Tarkov will not come to console anytime soon despite a 2015 FAQ on the official website suggesting a console version was considered.
Battlestate Games has not revealed any plans of bringing the game to console during its closed beta phase.
The game is currently available for pre-purchase on PC via the official website and is not available on any major PC launchers or other platforms.

Will Escape From Tarkov come to console is a question that is frequently asked by console fans, and Battlestate Games did consider a console version back in 2015 according to the game’s FAQs. However, not much has changed since then and the answer if Escape From Tarkov will come to console is no. Battlestate Games has not revealed any details on a console version. The studio had also talked about a release on Steam but currently the game is exclusive to the Battlestate launcher and is not available for purchase on Steam. It remains to be seen if Escape From Tarkov will come to console at a later date once the PC version is available. 

Will Escape From Tarkov Come To Console?

Escape From TarkovEscape From Tarkov Will not come to console as it stands and Battlestate Games has not indicated that it plans to bring the game to the latest gen consoles. The game is currently in closed beta for PC and there is no official release date. If Escape From Tarkov will come to console, it will be after the beta period ends. However, the developers have not talked about a console release since 2015.

There is no reason to get your hopes up if you are wondering if Escape From Tarkov Will Come to Console until an official announcement for consoles is made. If you want to play the game, here is a guide on how to download and play the game on PC

About Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough. The players will have to experience living in the skin of one of the mercenaries who survived the initial stage of the Tarkov conflict. After choosing one of the sides – USEC or BEAR – the player’s character starts to make his way out of the city.

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