Who Is Sabine in Valorant? What Are the Hints in the Lore?

Abhimannu Das
22/Mar/2021 07:24 am

Sabine in Valorant is a name that comes up often but a lot of players do not know who she really is in the game.
She is not an upcoming agent and is actually Viper according to the voicelines by Omen and Viper herself.
Players were under the impression that Sabine was Reyna but after the release of the "vampiric" agent, the theories were squashed.

Sabine in Valorant is a name that shows up in voicelines but a lot of players know what the name means and who it is referring to. For those who wonder who is Sabine in Valorant, it is not an upcoming agent or someone outside the roster. It is in fact a name used to refer to Viper. Many within the community linked the name to Reyna last year, but the theories were squashed after it became obvious that Viper is Sabine. But what are some of the hints that reveal the identity of Sabine in Valorant, and what is she up to in the lore? 

Who is Sabine in Valorant and What is Her Backstory

Sabine in Valorant is actually Viper, according to the hints left in the game. If there are two Vipers in a match, a voiceline triggers “I am coming for you Sabine.” Omen has a voiceline that says, “Don’t die here Sabine. I need your secrets” if there is an allied Viper. The voiceline code, according to datamined information, reads “Play_VO_Omen_MatchStartAlly_Viper_0."

Sage calls Viper "Delilah" in one of her voicelines which could mean that Viper’s full name is Dr. Delilah Sabine. Riot Games is yet to acknowledge this officially, but players who like to dig into Valorant’s lore are convinced that Sabine and Viper are one. She is one of the least played agents in the game but has a mysterious persona. Players know very little about her backstory, and we might get more information about the agent down the line when Riot Games expands on the story. 

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