Top 5 Valorant Agents in Episode 2 Act 2: Which Characters Are Ruling The Current Meta

Abhimannu Das
8/Mar/2021 09:57 am

The top 5 Valorant Agents in Episode 2 Act 2 will come as no surprise if you have been following the ranked meta closely.
Sage has become a dominant agent in the current meta thanks to recent changes that pushed her back into being an integral part of the ranked ladder.
Killjoy is seeing a lot of playtime in at the highest levels of ranked play after being written off by many in the initial months since her release.

Valorant’s Top 5 Agents in Episode 2 Act 2 are currently dominating the meta and you should consider picking them up to climb the ranked ladder. The best agents in the current meta are able to offer value to their teammates on every map regardless of the situation. The rankings of the top 5 agents in Valorant’s Episode 2 Act 2 have changed considerably compared to previous seasons because of balance changes. Sage was seen as a meta-defining character during the early days of Valorant but a number of nerfs pushed her down the ranks. With some recent buffs to her kit, she is back in the top 5. Here are Valorant’s top 5 Agents in Episode 2 Act 2 that you should consider playing. 

Valorant: Top 5 Agents in Episode 2 Act 2

Noteworthy mentions

Breach, Cypher, and Phoenix came very close to making it to the top 5 and in many situations they might be better in certain maps or situations than our picks in Valorant’s top 5 Agents in Episode 2 Act 2. But the following five agents are consistently good across all maps and are safe picks for players in any rank.  

5. Killjoy

Killjoy ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

Killjoy didn’t see much play in the initial months of her release but after high-ranked players figured out her distinct strengths as a Sentinel, she has become a staple in all parts of the game. She is one of the most potent Sentinel characters in the game and takes the number five spot in Valorant’s top 5 agents in Episode 2 Act 2 list.  

4. Raze

Raze ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

Raze takes advantage of un-coordinated teams with her abilities is a strong pick especially if you are solo queueing you way up the ranks. Her explosives are very effective against most enemy deployable abilities and she can serve well in any map and situation. She is not very difficult to pick up for most players and should definitely be one of the agents you play in Valorant’s top 5 agents in Episode 2 Act II. 

3. Sova

Sova ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

Sova is capable of scouting and denying pushes with his abilities. He has become a staple in both ranked and professional play over the past few months. He is a must-have character because of how valuable his recon bolts can be, making him part of Valorant’s top 5 agents in Episode 2 Act II.

2. Sage 

Sage ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

While multiple nerfs were handed down to her kit in the past, no other agent can fill the support role as well as Sage. Resurrection continues to be one of the most game-changing ultimates in Valorant and can swing back rounds in your favor. 

1. Jett 

Jett ValorantImage Credit: Riot Games

Jett is one of the most consistent Duelists capable of guaranteeing kills in the hands of a mechanically gifted player. She is currently the most picked agent in the game due to her mobility and high lethality. She rightly sits as the number one agent among the top 5 Valorant Agents in Episode 2 Act 2. From Sentinel’s Sinatraa to Cloud9 content creator TenZ, Jett is the go-to agent for some of the best Valorant players in the world. 

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