Game-Breaking Valorant Bug Might Keep You in Astra’s Astral Form Permanently

Abhimannu Das
4/Mar/2021 09:00 am

Valorant's newest agent Astra has a game-breaking bug that can keep her in her Astral Form permanently.
There is no consistent way to replicate the bug and you cannot leave Astral form once you are stuck.
Riot Games is yet to address the issue and there is no word on when a bugfix will be available.

Valorant’s newest agent arrived earlier this week and players are already running into game-breaking exploits and bugs. One of the recently discovered bugs could keep you out of an entire round for good if you play the new agent Astra. Unlike the previous agent Yoru, the response for Astra has been quite positive. Riot Games has a history of releasing new agents in an underpowered state before buffing them in increments but that is not the case with Astra. Prominent pro players and content creators including Shroud are concerned about Astra’s power level. In the recently discovered bug, streamer lexeratv was stuck in the Astral form animation permanently and was unable to go back to the agent’s normal form.

How Does the Valorant Bug With Astra Work

There is no real way to replicate the bug in-game and it happens randomly when using Astra’s Astral Form. If you check out the clip by Twitch streamer ‘lexeratv’, they randomly get stuck on Ascent upon entering Astral Form. The streamer was the unable to back out to Astra’s human form and was unable to move the agent. If you run into the bug, you are essentially locked out of playing the game until the end of the round. 

For those who do not have Astra unlocked yet, the new agent enters her Astral Form and is able to place Stars around the map. If you find yourself stuck with the bug, you will become an easy target. Riot Games is yet to acknowledge the bug and it is unknown when we can expect a fix. The issue does not seem to be common enough to warrant not picking the agent but you might find yourself losing a game-winning round to the issue. 

Delete Teleporter Camps With Astra

One of the most useful ways to use Astra’s Astral Form is to delete teleporter camps by going into her Astral Form. This allows you to make space for your enemy team and is a legitimate strategy. Unlike the bug that keeps you in Astral form, this is a mechanic that you can use to take advantage of the agent’s kit.

Astra has been polarizing within the Valorant community and we have had many players and streamer criticize the agent. Shroud called for a nerf recently, stating that the agent is too strong in her current state. We just have to wait for Riot Games to address these game-breaking issues and also make adjustments to her kit if needed. 

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