Riot Games Shares Easter Eggs Ahead of Valorant’s New Agent Reveal

Abhimannu Das
26/Feb/2021 10:51 am

Riot Games is teasing Valorant's next agent with a recent Twitter post revealing some secrets about what to expect.
There are some hints in-game as well that tease the agent's abilities and other information.
Ascent might get a reskin in a future update with one of the drawings in the teaser showing off a cosmic version of the map.

It looks like Riot Games is set to release Valorant’s new agent soon. The studio released a teaser that shows off a mysterious character looking at notes. We already received an agent this year with Yoru being added to the roster of Duelists. The upcoming agent will be a controller as revealed by Riot earlier this year. In the latest teaser all Riot Games shows players is a mysterious figure sitting and writing in a notebook. We can see the character’s golden hand with a purple gem in their palm. The agent seems to be researching existing agents and maps and there is a drawing of Reyna on one of the pages. Valorant’s new agent does not have a release timeline just yet but fans expect it to be released very soon with Riot ramping up the number of teasers. 

Secrets Found In The Teaser For Valorant’s New Agent

Some players noticed that the teaser shows off a drawing of Ascent and there is a cosmic version of the map drawn as well. The abilities of the upcoming agent might have a cosmic connection to tie it all. It is unknown if Riot Games wants to rework ascent or if it will be a brand-new map. Ascent is currently one of the most popular maps and it is unlikely that Riot will replace it with a newer version but no one will be surprised if it receives a purely cosmetic overhaul without changing its structure. 

Valorant’s new agent seems to be interested in Reyna. The etchings suggest that the agent is unsure of Reyna’s intentions being good or evil. In a different part of the drawing, we can see the character shooting an object at Viper which might be one of Valorant’s new agent’s abilities being teased by Riot Games.

Other Teasers Found In-Game Hinting At Valorant’s New Agent

Player Card Reward: There are gaseous star-like objects pictured in the player card from Tier 38 of the current battle pass. These have to do something with Valorant’s new agent, and they were found in other locations in-game as well. 

Cosmic Objects Found in Haven: The star-like objects are also seen in Valorant’s Haven map, among other places. There are embers visible at various locations, and players are yet to figure out what they do. The objects are likely to be a representation of one of the new agent’s abilities. Riot Games used a similar teaser with footsteps and audio queues to showcase Yoru’s abilities in the previous teasers ahead of the launch of Valorant’s new agent. 

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