NRG May Drop ‘Infinite’ From Valorant Roster Due to Toxic Behaviour on Twitch

Abhimannu Das
18/Feb/2021 09:54 am

NRG's Valorant roster might receive a shakeup following Infinite berating a fellow streamer on Twitch.
Infinite revealed that he will not be playing at the upcoming Challengers 3 event with NRG due to a surgery.
Esports reporter Arran “Halo” Spake revealed that NRG is currently looking for a replacement for the player.

Gage ‘Infinite’ Green is an ex-CS:GO pro who moved to NRG’s Valorant roster last year. He was part of the winning team at Nerd Street Gamers – Monthly December and is currently competing in the Valorant Champions Tour’s Challenger round. There are roster rumours indicating that Infinite might be dropped as part of a roster reshuffle by NRG due to his toxicity. The talks of him being removed from the roster began when a screencap of the pro player was circulated online showing him being abusive on Twitch chat. NRG is yet to take any official decision surrounding Infinite’s behaviour, but according to esports reporter Arran “Halo” Spake, NRG is considering changes to its Valorant roster. 

What Did NRG Infinite Do on Twitch

An Escape from Tarkov Streamer ‘OskeeGee’ shared a screenshot on Twitter of Infinite coming to his chat and lashing out. Infinite said, “good luck for not getting paid in any game” and went on to berate the streamer according to the screenshots shared by OskeeGee. Just 12 hours after the toxic messages were reported by the streamer, Infinite revealed that he will not be playing in the next Valorant Champions Tour qualifier event due to a surgery. 

Valorant reporter Arran ‘Halo’ Spake tweeted out shortly after the incident that NRG is looking to replace Infinite for the upcoming qualifiers. Spake first reported that potential replacements include Braxton ‘Brax’ Pierce or Kevin ‘AZK’ Larviêre but updated his statement saying that they are no longer under consideration. 

This is Not NRG Infinite’s First Offence

While NRG has not confirmed if Infinite will be dropped from the Valorant roster, this is not the first time the player has found himself in such a situation. In 2018, the player was set to join Cloud9 but the CS:GO community immediately retorted and highlighted racist comments made by Infinite. Ronnie ‘ryx’ Bylicki reported at the time that Infinite used a racial slur against one of his teammates. The NRG player apologized for the incident. 

CS:GO Player Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield commented on the latest incident surrounding the player and said “Man, the amount of talks I’ve had with this guy about not being a f***ing m**on. Nothing else you can do at this point. So sad to see.” With NRG preparing to enter the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers 3 event next week, it remains to be seen if Infinite will be permanently dropped from the roster due to his recent toxic behaviour

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