Valorant Mobile: Release Date, News, Rumors

Abhimannu Das
3/Feb/2021 09:40 am

Valorant on mobile might be in the works with strings of code and a mobile UI being discovered with players.
Riot is also working on a console version of its competitive shooter and we can expect more news this year.
The developers have mentioned that if the controls don't feel good on other platforms, they will scrap their ideas.

Valorant on Mobile may finally be happening with new strings of code being discovered by dataminers. A mobile UI was also discovered last year that suggests Riot may be working on a mobile version of their popular competitive shooter. The idea of playing multiplayer FPS titles was unreal until recent years with the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty coming to mobile devices. Apex Legends is set to debut on mobile devices later this year as well, and there’s no reason for Riot to not release Valorant on mobile platforms. Valorant on mobile and consoles would be a great move for Riot and from the mobile UI hidden in the game, it might be a matter of time until it is available for everyone. 

Valorant Mobile Code Found by Data Miners

Riot has shown a lot of interest in mobile platforms recently with Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra being quite popular on Android and iOS. League of Legends had its own mobile version released last year as Wild Rift, and the only game left to come to mobile users is Valorant. The optimization for Valorant is already great, and we can expect Valorant on Mobile to show up in the next year or two. 

Mobile controls were discovered sometime back in 2020, though the controls showing up on the player’s UI might be because of his hybrid device. The mobile controls were discovered during the beta but strings of code were discovered months after the game’s release which suggests Riot might actually be working towards releasing Valorant on mobile devices. The game was specifically testing touch controls, and the strings of code were found from the game’s files, which lends credence to the dataminer’s findings.  

Additionally, code pointing towards the mobile version was also found when the Episode 2 patch (Released in January 2021) was datamined. The code includes words like “mobile” and “range,” likely indicating the shooting range on a mobile app and more importantly confirms that there is code for mobile and that it is likely still being worked on.

Valorant Mobile Release Date: When can I play it?

We might as well get the bad news out of the way first – you’re not likely to be playing Valorant Mobile any time soon. The game has not even been confirmed by the developers at Riot Games, so we don't even have a subtitle or a release year just yet.

Valorant Is Also In The Works For Console

Valorant on mobile is in the works along with a console release. But Riot has talked about ports in the past and has mentioned that they will release the game on other platforms only if they can make the precise aiming feel good on other input methods. In September 2020, Riot confirmed that they are still working on the console version of the game. Felipe Romero revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that in order to transfer the experience to other platforms without losing the essence of Valorant, all of these factors would need to be taken into account. 

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