When Will Fedmyster Return to Twitch?

Abhimannu Das
2/Feb/2021 11:38 am

Fedmyster may be back on Twitch as early as tomorrow according to his Twitch schedule.
His Twitch schedule reads that he is currently on vacation and is scheduled to return on February 3rd, 2021.
It will be interesting to see the streamer's return and the Twitch community's reaction to him since the OfflineTV drama.

Fedmyster has been away from Twitch for weeks because of the controversy between him and Pokimane, but it looks like he is about to make a comeback tomorrow. Fedmyster is a former OfflineTV member and was removed from the organization due to sexual misconduct allegations. A detailed document denying the allegations was “leaked” towards the end of last year and stirred up a can of worms once again. Since then, Fedmyster has been away from social media except for the one mention of him saying he will be back on Twitch on February 3rd.

Fedmyster To Return to Twitch in February 2021

FedmysterFedmyster was part of the OfflineTV house before being removed due to sexual misconduct allegations.
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Fedmyster will return to Twitch on February 3rd, 2021, according to his official Twitch channel. His schedule on his Twitch channel mentions that he is on vacation and will return soon.

Edit: Fedmyster did not go live on Twitch on  February 3rd, 2021. No other updates regarding his return have been made public. You can keep an eye out on his social media accounts for direct updates on his return.

Fedmyster’s return is controversial, with a part of the community siding with Pokimane and not willing to give him a second chance while others might take his side after reading the leaked document. He is not the only content creator who faced a backlash from OfflineTV fans recently with Albert Chang, who was dating OfflineTV member LilyPichu and cheated on her. When Chang (formerly known as SleightlyMusical) made his return to Twitch, the community had a hard time forgiving him. Many would bring up the incident regularly, but the controversy died down over time. LilyPichu was also one of the OfflineTV members who called out Fedmyster in 2020.

Fedmyster’s Leaked Document

Fedmyster returning to Twitch might fuel the drama between him and Pokimane even further. While at the start of the drama, everyone took Pokimane’s side, the “My Truth” document, which was leaked online, painted a completely different story. Fedmyster backed up his stories with screenshots from his phone. He tried to position himself as someone who was used as a “scapegoat” in the situation. Destiny broke down the document released by Gaytan and took his side, which divided the Twitch community, and people who initially sided with Pokimane were left double guessing themselves. At the end of the situation, it was evident that all parties involved wanted to move on from the situation and continue their careers as content creators.

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