How Much Does the Reaver Vandal Skin Bundle Cost?

Abhimannu Das
26/Jan/2021 09:30 am

Reaver Vandal is one of the most popular skins in Valorant but should you spent your VP on it?
The skin was first introduced in the beta but never made it to the launch version until release.
The new Reaver Vandal skin released late-2020 and came with a number of visual upgrades.

The Reaver Vandal is one of the most popular skins in Valorant, and we got a glimpse into the Reaver collection back in the closed beta. But towards the end of last year, Riot Games completely overhauled the cosmetic set, making the Reaver Vandal skin one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the game. Is the Reaver Vandal skin worth your hard-earned money? Let’s find out. 

Reaver Skin Collection Overview

The Reaver skin lineup was available in the Valorant beta, but it was removed from the game at launch. It was brought back with the Reaver collection on Nov 3, 2020. Since its first appearance in the beta, it underwent some extreme changes behind the scenes. The updated Reaver skins are nothing like what we have seen in the past, with much higher quality textures and upgradeable effects being added to them. You not only get the silver and purple version of the gun, but you also have optional upgrades available with Red, Black, and White color variants that you can unlock. 

Reaver Vandal upgrades 

  • Level 1: 1,775 Valorant Points (to purchase the skin) 
  • Level 2: 10 Radianite Points 
  • Level 3: 10 Radianite Points
  • Level 4: 10 Radianite Points
  • Level 5: 15 Radianite Points
  • Level 6: 15 Radianite Points
  • Level 7: 15 Radianite Points

To unlock all of the eye candy on the Reaver Vandal skin, you need to spend 1,775 Valorant Points and 75 Radianite Points. You can also get the full Reaver set, which will bring down the Vandal skin price, but it is not recommended unless you want the Sherriff, Operator, Guardian, and Melee skins. The upgradeable/evolving skins have been a hit in Valorant, and they do add a lot of style to your gunplay. 

Evolving skins were fun additions to the game, with Valorant’s Premium Content Producer Preeti Khanolkar talking about how they “tested [evolving skins] like a year and a half ago and we realized that yes players do want evolving skins, but we still didn't know what that would actually look like when we were live because it was a small sample that we were working off.” 

Valorant requires no in-game microtransactions whatsoever to enjoy the game, and you should consider getting the Reaver Vandal skin if you love cosmetics or want to support the devs. It is one of the best skins Riot has come up with alongside Singularity and Elderflame skins, and it is easily one of the best Vandal skins in the game.

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