Here is Cloud9 Tenz’s Personal All-Star Valorant Team

Abhimannu Das
18/Jan/2021 09:30 am

Cloud9's content creator TenZ shared his all-star Valorant team if he could pick any professional player.
His team consists of Aproto, Sinatraa, Nitr0, Drone and Wardell.
TenZ excluded himself from the roster despite being rated the number one player in the world.

Recently, a fan asked TenZ what his all-star team would be if you could make a Valorant team of his own. He immediately came up with an all-star lineup that could potentially be the best team in the world right now. His ideal team would be Nitr0, Sinatraa, Aproto, Wardell and Drone. He left himself out of the roster despite being regarded as the number one Valorant player in the world. 

What Does C9 TenZ’s All-Star Valorant Team Look Like?

It looks like Nitr0 would be the perfect IGL for TenZ’s team with Sinatraa taking charge as Sova. TenZ talked about how Aproto is the best sentinel in the world right now and he also wants TSM’s Drone to be the entry duelist for his team. To finish things off, we have TSM’s Wardell taking up the duelist role as Jett.

Cloud9’s TenZ recently retired from Valorant’s competitive play. He still is a part of the organization but as a content creator and will no longer be a part of the teams’ Valorant roster. He has indicated that he will make a comeback when the time is right and is still closely following the game’s competitive scene.

Sinatraa: Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won is an ex-Overwatch League pro who left SF Shock to join Sentinels. He is among the best players in the world and currently plays for Sentinels, who won the PAX Arena Invitational and JBL Quantum Cup.

Aproto: Alex ‘Aproto’ Protopapas is one of the best sentinel players in the world who currently plays for Luminosity Gaming. He has been a star performer at NSG tournaments and helped his team win the NSG Winter Championship.

Wardell: Matthew “Wardell” Yu is one of the best Jett players in the world and he plays for TSM, who are considered to be among the top two organizations in Valorant’s North American circuit. He had an incredible run at First Strike NA but couldn’t secure the win at the grand finals.

Drone: Taylor ‘drone’ Johnson is Wardell’s teammate at TSM. He is known for his flashy plays with Phoenix and Omen and would make be a great fit in TenZ’s roster as an entry duelist.

Nitr0: To close things off we have Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella who is part of the First Strike NA winners’ roster at 100 Thieves. He is arguably the best Omen player in the world and would be the best possible IGL in TenZ’s dream team. 

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