How To Super Rocket Boost As Raze In Valorant

Abhimannu Das
17/Jan/2021 07:42 am

Raze can pull off an incredibly fast Satchel jump and traverse any Valorant map with ease.
The super jumps are easy to pull off with a macro, allowing you to move horizontally at maximum speed.
Refrain from using any unofficial macro apps when setting up these jumps as they can be classified as exploits.

A rocket boost technique was discovered by Want2WasteTime that allows Raze Players to get a lot of momentum and traverse any map in a matter of seconds. The technique may be considered an exploit by Valorant so if you do put in the time to learn how to do it; it may be removed by Riot at a later date. Unlike other boosting techniques, Raze’s rocket launcher and satchel method is very precise, and you can nail the jumps every single time if you input the actions correctly. 

How to Do The Rocket Launcher Satchel Jump?

You need to be on Raze to do pull this off. You want to aim your rocket launcher at the ground and drop a satchel and shoot your rocket launcher at the same time. If you do it right, you get a burst of momentum, and you will be able to send yourself flying while also getting a fair bit of aerial control to ensure you land where you want to. The best part about the jump is that you can use it in just about any map as long as there is a ledge you can take advantage of. 

Setting Up The Macro

Valorant MacroImage Credit: bloom

Here is the tricky part; you need to make a macro if you want to do the jump consistently and effectively. You should only be using apps that are officially offered by your mouse manufacturer, like iCue and Logitech Gaming Software. They are completely safe and do not break terms of service but third-party apps can cause issues with Riot’s Vanguard.

You want to setup a 0.1-second delay between clicks. All you need to do is have the button set for your satchel and primary fire back-to-back. Assume you have Z set for your satchel, you just want to create a macro for Z and left Click with a 0.1-second delay between both actions and you should be good to go. Once your macro is setup, pull out your rocket launcher, drop your satchel and use the macro. 

The jump works both horizontally and vertically but horizontal jumps are a lot more effective. If you want to avoid taking fall damage, all you need to do is use your second satchel mid-air before landing. This trick is very flashy, and you can pull off some impressive plays with it. The jump boost can be used to relocate from danger or engage onto enemies very effectively. 

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