Youngest Female Radiant Player in Valorant VAL_Kaylee Accused of Being Boosted

Abhimannu Das
6/Jan/2021 08:35 am

VAL_Kaylee who claimed to be the youngest female Radiant player in Valorant has been accused of being boosted.
Content creators Kaden and Reduxx have accused her of playing with cheaters in a 12-minute video.
Kaylee denied all allegations and posted her side of the story claiming she is innocent.

VAL_Kaylee claimed to the youngest female Valorant player to hit the rank of Radiant, which is the game’s highest and most prestigious rank. She posted her achievement online on December 31, 2020, but it led to a number of members within the Valorant community to accuse her of being boosted, especially with two content creators Kaden and Reduxx. 

Accusations Against VAL_Kaylee

The content creators posted a 12-minute video that contained ‘evidence’ of VAL_Kaylee being boosted. There were multiple Discord screenshots, Twitch clips, and other information that suggests Kaylee was involved with hackers and boosters. The content creators broke down all of the evidence they had gathered to claim that the young player had not only hit Radiant because of boosters but that the boosters she played with were cheaters as well.

The video also brought up how the player had under 1.00 K/D in Act 1 and 2 and out of nowhere, she managed to hit Radiant despite hitting a maximum rank of Plat 3 prior to that. In addition to the statistics from her account, Kaden and Reduxx also offered evidence showing that the players she played with were cheaters. 

The objective of the video was to provide evidence to Riot Games and get Kaylee banned for being boosted and the other players she played with banned for cheating. The content creators mentioned that they do not want to start a witch hunt and simply want to highlight the issues caused in ranked gameplay because of boosters and cheaters. 

Kaylee Denies All Allegations

After the video offering evidence went up, Kaylee hit back at the Valorant content creators mentioning that she did not pay anyone to boost her and she did not play with any cheaters either. She says that the people on her discord who say she is boosted are “joking” and are her friends who just want a laugh. 

In her response video, she showed that the alleged cheater wei was removed from her friends' list after he was accused of cheating and claimed that a lot of the things in the video posted against her are misinterpreted. Riot is yet to respond to the claims by Reduxx and Kaden. 

Boosting and cheating are two common issues in the Valorant community and Riot is currently working on their anti-cheat and gameplay sabotage detection measures to keep things in check and improve player experience.

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