Former T1 Korea and Cloud9 Korea Players Join BearClaw Gaming

Abhimannu Das
4/Jan/2021 11:36 am

BearClaw Gaming signed a new Valorant roster featuring former Cloud9 Korea and T1 Korea players.
The new squad will be looking to compete against the likes of Vision Strikers and TNL Esports in Korea.
We can expect the roster to do well and participate in the Valorant Champions tour qualifiers.

BearClaw Gaming is led by 17-year-old CEO Harley “Reaper” Perks and it was originally a content team for Call of Duty. The organization seeks to expand into Valorant with some high-profile transfers that see Kim "Harry" Han-gyu, Choi"10X" Jin-woo, Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul, Jeon "GANA" Hyeong-heon, and Kang "iNTRO" Seung-gyun being added to the new roster. The new team includes players who have been in Cloud9 Korea and T1 Korea and will be looking to compete against the best teams in Korea. 

How Did BearClaw Gaming’s Valorant Roster Form 

According to former Cloud9 Korea head coach Yu "Pavane" Hyeon-sang who is now the BearClaw Gaming Director of Operations, "The players are close friends, so they played together after their teams disbanded. Later, Harley, the CEO of BearClaw, reached out to the players, getting them to where they are now. When I was in C9 Korea, the goal was to be the best team in Asia. It won't change. Yeah, this is a new team, so it takes some time to build, but we'll do our best.” 

BearClaw Valorant Roster

  • Choi “10X” Jin-woo 
  • Kim “Harry” Han-kyu 
  • Yu “BuZz” Byung-chul 
  • Jeon “GANA” Hyeong-heon 
  • Kang “iNTRO” Seung-gyun

All players have already signed into the new roster with Harry and 10X coming in from T1 Korea and BuZz coming in from Cloud9 Korea. iNTRO has been a member of Crazy Racoon, a team that had a great run at First Strike but failed to secure a win at the event. Finally, we have GANA from TUBEPLE Gaming. 

BuZz will be acting as the primary duelist for the squad and Harry is likely to take up Killjoy or Cypher. Other players who are part of the roster are known for their Sova and Omen gameplay and we can expect the team to run a more supportive composition to suit the current tournament meta. BearClaw’s CEO told TheSpike.GG “I’m proud and happy of the team we put together, and this is just the start of a new era in gaming we are about to lead.”

Considering the high squad BearClaw has put together, we can expect them to compete against some of the best teams like Vision Strikers and TNL Esports. Cloud9 and T1’s Korean teams have not performed notably well against these two organizations but with combined forces, we can expect BearClaw Gaming to attempt and seize the top spot in Korea. With the Valorant Champions Tour set to commence this year as a year-long event, BearClaw will find themselves facing off against the best teams in the world.  

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