Best Duelist in Valorant: Whom Should You Pick Up?

Abhimannu Das
30/Dec/2020 08:17 am

Here are our picks for the top three duelist agents to play in Valorant.
Jett continues to be the most popular options despite several nerfs throughout the months.
Raze is a solid contender for the number one spot because of how great her zone control is.

The duelist class in Valorant is by far the flashiest. If you want to go in solo and frag the enemy team as aggressively as possible, there are agents in-game that cater to your desired playstyle. Here are the top three duelist agents in the game that you need to try out. 

Top Three Duelist Agents in Valorant


Jett is one of the highest pickrate character on most maps and for good reason. Her flashy playstyle combined with her ability to bail her team out with Cloudburst makes her extremely versatile. You can block enemy line of sight and keep defenders from halting your team. She is better off in defence but regardless of what map you are on, you need to be aggressive to get value out of her kit. Despite numerous nerfs throughout the months, she continues to be a meta-defining agent. 


Reyna is better than Phoenix if you are trying to get kills solo. She is one of the top solo-queue characters across most ranks and if you have good mechanical skills, you should try her out. Her abilities are fuelled when you get kills which is why you need to have good aim to take advantage of her abilities. Devour lets her stay topped up at all times and you can use her Leers to catch opponents off guard. She has the perfect mix of lurking capabilities and the ability to clutch rounds. In terms of team utility, she does not rank very high but if you are capable of securing skills with your gun skill, she is among the top duelist agents to play. 


Unlike Phoenix, who is focused heavily on utility, Raze has great frag potential with her one-shot capabilities. If enemies get too close to you, you can clear our enemies very easily. Her bot lets you scout out enemies and take them out tactically. She is effective in both attack and defense. With constant explosions all over the map, you dictate the battlefield and keep enemies cornered to your advantage. The only downside is she does not have smokes or flashes but her ability to zone control is better than any other agent in the game. 

Each duelist in Valorant has their own distinct playstyle so you should pick the agent that suits your gameplay the most. Raze is meant for those who like to secure kills from safety while Jett is the best duelist to play with your team. Reyna on the other hand can go off on her own and secure kills in solo situations. Try each of the duelist agents yourself and use the one that you are most comfortable with. 

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