TSM Entity Beats Fnatic At the Valorant Rivalry Series

Abhimannu Das
23/Nov/2020 12:10 pm

The Valorant Rivalry Series between Fnatic India and TSM Entity concluded today with TSM Entity taking the win.
TSM Entity had a 9-6 overall victory after being at 5-5 in the first two days.
Day 3 saw TSM Entity take 4 wins out of 5 against Fnatic including an emphatic 13-2 on Split.

The Valorant Rivalry Series between Fnatic India and TSM Entity concluded today with TSM Entity taking the win. The three-day series saw both teams battling it out in Valorant exhibition matches. TSM Entity and Fnatic India are currently among the top esports organizations in India, and the tournament was close-fought. After Day 2 of the three-day series, both teams were on equal footing. However, TSM put on quite the performance with a 4-1 victory sealing it for the team. The overall score at the end of the series was 9-6 in TSM Entity’s favor.

Fnatic Lineup 

Ashish "Ash" Bhatnagar, Ayushman "TheDude" Chauhan, Mohammed "OWAISo27" O. Lakhani, Vishal "Haivaan" Sharma, and Pratik "Aurum" Mehra were part of the Fnatic India lineup.

TSM Entity Lineup 

The TSM Entity team consisted of Simar "Psy" Sethi, Suraj "Fakeneyoo" Majumdar, Siddhant "Boogiesan" Joshi, Jonathan "JonathanOP" Amaral, and Abhishek "ZGod" Choudhary. Psy was filling in for the TSM and was formerly a Noble Esports member.

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TSM Entity vs Fnatic Grand Finals'

TSM Entity vs FnaticTSM Entity vs Fnatic Lineup

The grand finals of the tournament favor perfectly lined up with both teams being evenly split at 5-5 after two days of intense matches. But on the third day, TSM Entity started picking up pace. The final match on day 3 was on Icebox with Fnatic being at a clear advantage because of their impeccable record. Fnatic had won on the map on both Day 1 and Day 2, but they could not secure a win on the map on Day 3. TSM won the match 13-11.

The second map was Bind, where Fnatic was looking to make a comeback. There were no changes in the Agent lineup since the first two-days, and it was completely deadlocked at 12-12. TSM Entity won three more rounds and dropped one to win the match 15-13.

The third match was in Haven, and TSM Entity started the match with a 3-0 lead and comfortably won 13-2. The total scorecard across three days was now 8-5, which meant TSM had sealed the series in their favor.

The final two matches did were not going to affect the final results but Fnatic managed to win the fourth match on Ascent with a scoreline of 13-9. Fnatic was looking to try and win the final match, but TSM Entity managed to put on an emphatic performance and win the match 13-2 on Split. TSM Entity won a total of 9 matches and Fnatic managed to win 6 in the whole series.

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