Fnatic's Owais Joins MegaStars As Stand-In For World League

Nutan Lele
29/Jun/2020 07:22 pm

While Fnatic looks to get its next PUBG MOBILE roster on the national charts and also begins a nation-wide talent hunt to find the country’s next big PUBG MOBILE pro player, their IGL Mohammad Lakhani a.k.a Owais joins MegaStars as a stand-in for the upcoming PUBG MOBILE World League Spring East 2020. As Owais joins MegaStars, it’ll be interesting to see how he fits in with their current roster which has steadily shown growth. Paradox will fulfil the role of IGL in the five-man roster. 

Mohammed “Owais” Lakhani is one of India’s most respected PUBG MOBILE professionals. Formerly part of Team SouL, India’s most popular PUBG MOBILE organisation, Owais shot to fame with wins in PMIS 2019 and PMCO Spring Split: India 2019. While their performance at the international level wasn’t spectacular, he nevertheless cemented his position in the country as a formidable player. Since then, he has also grown in popularity on social media, and now as Owais joins MegaStars, it may get a bigger boost.  

Owais joins MegaStars, Sc0ut chooses to stay put

Change was imminent at SouL as his teammate Sc0utOP and he decided to bid farewell and went to Xspark, joining Ronak, Paritosh, and InYourDream. After this, Fnatic acquired the Xspark roster. Let’s have a look at Fnatic’s history as Owais joins MegaStars. With Fnatic, Owais was on the role of In-Game Leader, Ronak on Sniper/Support, Sc0utOP on Scout, and Paritosh as Assaulter. The team was criticized for their formation and with a poor showing at a few tournaments, things turned ugly with controversies. However, their win at PMAS 2019 turned things around on social media if not for just some time. After this, another string of disappointing results, including their performance at PMPL South Asia 2019, it was announced that Fnatic was going to make PUBG MOBILE Pro League - Spring Split 2020: South Asia their roster’s final tournament after which a big change was inbound. All eyes were on Owais and company to go out with one final hurrah for the iconic team.

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Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be. While there was hope on Day 1 as the team came in 8th and just 20 points short of the lead position, their competitors ended up outpacing Fnatic and they came 8th in the end. This wasn't what their diehard fans hoped for, and given the fanfare that this roster saw in its initial days, it was a bit of a letdown. All these things have led to this; Fnatic disbanding their current roster. Rumours and spams on YouTube chat asking if ‘Owais joins MegaStars?’ began surfacing. These have now turned out to be true as Owais joins MegaStars as a stand-in. 

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PMWL Spring East 2020 starts on 10th July 2020 and ends on 9th August. 20 of the finest Eastern teams will battle out for $425,000. As Owais joins MegaStars as a stand-in, it would be quite a twist to see Owais leave Fnatic, given his prominence in Fnatic Rising’s announcement on 16th June. 


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