Konami Wants To Publish Your Million Dollar Game Idea With Its New Third Party Publishing Unit

Nutan Lele
4/Jun/2020 07:25 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Konami Inc. 

  • Konami wants to come back to the console and PC market with a new third-party publishing approach
  • The publisher is prepared to offer support for marketing, PR, distribution as well as development. 

Konami’s focus on console game publishing has been shifting away in recent years. However, the publisher wants to come back to the console and PC market with a new third-party publishing approach.

“We are open for business, we are looking for exciting and innovative titles of varying scale. And we’re really excited by this new programme. We can’t wait to show everyone where we’re going with it,” Konami’s Richard Jones, senior brand and business development manager told MCV/DEVELOP.  “The idea is to diversify the portfolio. So we’re looking to work with external studios of all sizes, up to double-A and beyond at some point,” he continued. 

Konami is looking to build a number of third-party titles, hinting at the possibility of top-tier budgets for the right titles. The publisher’s dev teams in Japan will continue to work on the Konami IP.  Konami Europe, and their counterparts in the US. will work on more Western-centric IPs and games. “Ever since the beginning of our discussions about this programme, our mantra has been developer first, the idea is to ensure that they are front and centre of everything that we do. And the idea is that we give them the best opportunity to succeed,” Jones said. 

“Developers are not necessarily set up with in-house capacity for publishing roles. So we’re in a position to offer the support that they need, to those studios that might be interested in the publisher route, we bring our expertise and international teams to handle tasks that they probably don’t want, or they don’t, have the capacity to do so: marketing, PR, sales, distribution, as well as development services, like QA, localization, age ratings, and third-party relationships. So traditionally what the publisher brings. And by saying that we want the developer to be front and centre, we want to allow them to do what they love doing, do what they’re best at doing, which is make games, and then we can kind of fit in and do the going to market part,” he added.

The publisher of top-selling titles like Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid has taken a more mobile-friendly approach in recent years, concentrating on the domestic markets rather than big-budget console games. 


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