VALORANT Hit Registration Issues To Be Addressed by Riot

Nutan Lele
20/May/2020 05:41 am

Cover image and thumbnail courtesy Wired

  • Players have been experiencing a lot of hit reg issues since Patch 0.50
  • Riot Games will address these issues in the next update for VALORANT

After Patch 0.50 went live on servers last week, many players have reported hit registration issues with bullets apparently going through enemies. 

Players are reporting getting targets with headshots but post-round damage charts only show them as hits to the body. This issue has caused a bad player experience as cues like sparks which should indicate kills and headshots which are also expected to give guaranteed kills with certain weapons are not. Players are seeing multiple shots land on enemies but no damage is registered. 

Hit reg was a problem in previous patches as well but definitely not as prevalent, which led to some speculation that 0.50 ended up breaking something in the game’s system. While it is unclear if hitboxes were changed in any way, VALORANT game director Riot Ziegler said that the next update should address the hit registration issues saying, “Thanks to everyone who helped us find some new hit reg issues we introduced in the latest update. We’re fixing them as we speak and they should be in the next update.”

Riot Games has confirmed that the hit registration in VALORANT will be addressed in an upcoming update. The game is in beta so bugs like this are to be expected, hopefully, Riot will be able to resolve all such issues before VALORANT gets its release later this summer. 


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