Dafran Reacts To Getting A Lifetime Ban From Solary Tournaments

Nutan Lele
17/May/2020 10:46 am

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  • Confusion on semifinals timing between Prodigy and HypHypHyp.
  • Solary decides to give Hyp a map advantage, leading dafran to speak out.
  • Solary hands out dafran lifetime ban over comments leading to further reaction from the player.

Streamer and former Overwatch pro dafran has been handed a lifetime ban for his comments from Solary tournaments as well as their current Solary Cup being held for Valorant. His team Prodigy will now have to look for a substitute to fill dafran's spot before their match against HypHypHyp’s Valorant team in the Semifinals today. 

Solary organisers reportedly changed the match timings for the Semifinals. Prodigy apparently overlooked the announcement made days prior to the change in timing. Due to time constraints and the team’s tardiness, Solary was prepared to issue a map advantage to HypHypHyp. Prodigy claimed they were not informed of a change in schedule while team HypHypHyp were waiting for the match. 

Confusion on the start time for HypHypHyp and Prodigy led to a fiery reaction from dafran. He claimed in an unpublished tweet, “Bunch of cry baby b****es, doesn’t prove who is the best. Only who is favoured by the French organizers.” He also made some more comments about Damien ‘HyP’ Souville, his team and Solary. This lead to a discussion between Hyp and Solary organisers which ended with HypHypHyp agreeing to play in the tournament only if Prodigy played without dafran

Due to dafran’s reaction against Hyp and Solary, the organisation issuing a ruling.

The lifetime ban led the player to tweet out:

HypHypHyp will now face team Prodigy today at 2:00 pm GMT. Prodigy finished in Group C, with an unbeaten score of 6-0 in the group stage and a 2-0 victory against Demise in the Quarterfinals. 


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