The Esports Club Announces Rainbow Six League For India

Shounak Sengupta
23/Mar/2020 08:00 pm

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Indian esports platform, The Esports Club has announced a Rainbow Six League for the Indian R6 community. The tournament dubbed as the R6 TEC League aims to develop a community for the title and lay the foundations for a sustainable esports ecosystem for the game. 


The competition is structured into three tiers of play in increasing order of skill level. An initial qualifier will be used to seed teams into each of these divisions. Divisions 1 and 2 will have 8 teams each and Division 3 will have 9 teams. 

At the end of Season 1 the bottom three teams from divisions 1 and 2 will get relegated to the lower division while the top 3 teams from Divisions 2 and 3 are promoted. The bottom four teams from Division 3 will also be relegated and will have to participate in the Open Qualifiers along with other teams next season. 

Prize pool

A total prize pool INR 6,75,000 has been allocated to the event. Teams placed 1-5 will get a cut of the prize money proportional to their placing. 

"Our aim has always been to help nurture the esports ecosystem in India; this is reflected in the format we have chosen for the first ever TEC League that will allow teams to come together for a long term competitive journey, rather than for just one tournament"

Ishaan Arya, Co Founder, The Esports Club

To register for the event click here.


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