Rumour: Maincast Obtains License to Broadcast ESL Tournaments in Russian for 11 Million Euros

Aditya Singh Rawat
4/Dec/2019 08:14 pm

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According to Russian media website Zikurat, Maincast studio may have won a tender worth 11 million Euros, awarding it the official rights to broadcast ESL tournaments in Russian for the next three years.

This speculation comes after a post on Telegram was made by an account called “Cyber-Pants Pants”.

The Telegram post states that “This is not proven information, so anything can be true. There is no reliable confirmation, so be careful. Maincast has won the tender for ESL and now has all the rights to their Russian content for the next three years, and will be moving to Kyiv. Again according to rumours, the contract amount is 11 million euros for the duration of three years.”

Note: This is a rough translation from Russian to English of the post embedded above.

If these rumours turn out to be true, then the license for Russian language ESL streams will be transferred over to Maincast from RuHub Studio, who are the current owners of the license.

Maincast is a Russian broadcasting company based in Kyiv which has been formed by former RuHub employees, Vitalii “v1lat” Volochai and Andrey “x3m4eg” Grigoriev. They have hosted Russian broadcasts of various tournaments like The Kuala Lumpur Major, The Manila Major, The Boston Major and more while also hosting their own tournaments including the Maincast Autumn Brawl last year in October.

Neither Maincast nor ESL were immediately reachable for comment. At the time of writing this, deal is no more than an unconfirmed rumour and the only available source is the above mentioned Telegram post.

More updates to follow.


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