DrDisrespect hints that he was paid more than Shroud and Ninja to stay on Twitch

Nishant Patel
29/Oct/2019 02:20 pm

Popular Twitch streamer DrDisrespect hinted that he might have been paid than Shroud and Ninja to stay on Twitch. In a recent livestream, not long after Shroud announced that he was moving to Mixer, DrDisrespect said “plus imaging getting paid more than the other guys to stay, imagine that”.

In another instance on his livestream, he referenced Ninja as “the guy with the blue hair, the little Dragon Ball Z anime guy”, while explicitly stating that neither Shroud nor Ninja got paid more than the doctor.

Speculation has been abundant about how much top influencers like Shroud and Ninja are being paid to stream on Mixer or DrDisrespect to continue streaming on Twitch however at the moment, no official information has been made public.


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