TEC Challenger Series - 5 Players to Look Out For

Shounak Sengupta
19/Nov/2020 12:28 pm

Valorant is the most in demand PC title in India at the moment and its arrival has caused quite a buzz in the gaming community. Among the many tournaments, the ongoing TEC Challenger Series has been one that has fleshed out a lot of the existing narratives and storylines. The past 3 edition saw Velocity Gaming establish dominance in the opening 2 with Team Tamilas coming in good at the clutch in series #3. In the current series, Velocity are back after a break to reclaim their title while an early round shocker sees Team Tamilas knocked out of the competition. With the competition reaching the double elimination phase, we put a spotlight on the top 5 players to look out for. 

5. Officialbuster - Rebellious

The former Counter Strike pro has been in the upper tier of competitive FPS games for a long time but hasn't really managed to break through as a standout performer. However, with Rebellious Gaming and Valorant, Buster can look to go places where he wasn't able to reach earlier. His performance is one the key reasons as to why Rebellious Gaming have been on a tear and even managed to knock down Global Esports down to the lower bracket in Series #3. While they eventually were eliminated by GE, Rebellious are increasingly looking like a team that can pose a serious threat to some of the more established names. Buster has impressed so far but can he take the team to the top 3 in Series #4? 

4. Knightrider - GodLike

Knightrider has been the knight in shining armor for Far Esports, now Godlike and was a integral part of the lineup that saw them make the finals in Series #3. His Jett play as been sublime and paved the way for his team to play with more risks and come out ahead. He also has 5 MVPs from the current series and has taken GodL to the quarter finals where the team are set for an interesting fight against Reckoning Esports. 

3. Gaurang - Team Villainous

Team Villainous is another name who have consistently done well and much of the credit goes to Gaurang. While he isn't the most well known name in the circuit, he is making heads turn with some solid displays and power packed performances. Team Villainous are already in the quarter finals and can make a run into the top 5 if not higher, should they sustain their impressive form. 

2. Sssami - Noble Esports

The latest addition to Noble Esports has been Bangaldesh's Sssami and although he has given up the Jett to Psy, he was instrumental in taking Exceeli Esports to where they are now. He has switched to a more utility based playstyle in agents like Omen, but that doesn't mean that you can discount him from stepping up and fragging out when required. Can he be the change that sees Noble climb to the top of the South Asian Valorant scene? 

1. Excali - Velocity Gaming

While all the players in VLT deserve a spot in this list, Excali has been a highly impactful player for the team in recent matches. VLT's new play style allows Excali the freedom he needs to make individual plays while his teammates go for a more structured approach. With almost all the teams gunning for VLT in the tournament, the team has a lot of pressure riding on them. While others sides will study the team and their strategies before the matches, Excali's aggressive and unpredictable gameplay will always keep teams on their toes and allow VLT the edge that makes them the team to beat. 

The TEC Valorant Challenger Series #4 matches can be watched on their official YouTube channel.  


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