Streamer SkyRax_I Solo Kills Enemy Team Within 30 Seconds With Reyna

Nutan Lele
7/Jun/2020 07:50 am

Cover and thumbnail courtesy Riot Games

  • SkyRax_I snowballs off enemy kills to ace the team in less than 30 seconds into the round.

Reyna, the new Valorant agent, rewards players who have an aggressive style. Her abilities are almost all based around snowballing from enemy kills. Streamer SkyRax_I played to the agent’s strengths and showed us just how powerful she is in the right hands by acing the enemy team less than thirty seconds into the round.

In the clip, SkyRax_I starts the round by activating Reyna's ultimate, which gives her rapid-fire and highlights the enemy, quickly takes down the first opponent. Soon after, he absorbs the orb left by the downed enemy and becomes invisible, taking down the second agent. He repeats the same steps a few more times, expertly pushing his enemy’s position and picks off the third enemy and uses the Dismiss ability to get behind another player looking at the B Link entrance. He continues the snowball, finishing off the fourth player in a similar fashion. For the final enemy, Reyna moves past them while invisible, and uses a sniper rifle to end the round, all of this in less than thirty seconds.

Reyna is an agent which rewards taking risks and once she gets going, she has the capacity to solo kill the entire team just like SkyRax_I demonstrates in the clip. If you’re a player who plays high risk, high reward, she’s the agent for you.

Valorant was released on 2nd June and is now available for free download on PC.


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