Dominate Mid with Talon, The God-Tier Laner in Patch 10.10

Nutan Lele
23/May/2020 02:35 pm

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  • Talon is a great AD mid pick for you to carry in solo queue.

Mid lane is a role with a lot of carry potential, both because of your damage output and access to top and bot. Good Mids roam effectively while keeping the pressure up in their own lane. With this in mind, today’s champion in focus is Talon, the Blade’s Shadow.

Talon has very little counterplay in lane except for tanks. His low mana costs combined with high mobility with his ability Assassin’s Path (E) makes him a good pick for this patch. His 52.06% win rate comes from players knowing when to roam to take down squishies and output maximum damage for your team. 

Talon is one of the best AD mids to be playing in the current patch, with the meta favouring early trades and roams. You can take control of the bot side with a roam down below with your E and even help your jungler set up for dragons. Talon is more of an early to mid game champion. Get your first item as Tiamat to push lanes faster and your priority should be to roam as much as possible when your R is up. Don’t fret too much if your laning phase isn’t going too well and constantly look for opportunities to roam and flank in other lanes. Overextended enemies are sitting ducks for you if you play Talon right.  


The Conqueror rune is quite easy to stack on him and gives you high damage output as well as healing which makes it hard for enemy laners to deal with you. Taking Legend: Tenacity makes you quite slippery and both Last Stand and Triumph rewards your assassin, all-in playstyle. Domination in the secondary tree adds to your sustain, with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter granting you a bit of extra healing in the laning phase. Add some adaptive force and armour for that extra oomph.

Ability Order: R>Q>W>E

For levelling up, as always, prioritize R and then your Q which is your primary damage ability so max that first. W will help you CS better in lane, especially against ranged champions. Take a point in E but level it last to maximize your damage output. 


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