Here’s 5 Crucible Characters You Should Play Based On Your Overwatch Mains

Nutan Lele
21/May/2020 06:50 am

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  • Crucible features a roster of 13 different alien, robot, and human hunters to choose from.
  • Here are some characters similar to Overwatch that you can pick up.

Amazon Game Studios' free-to-play original, Crucible, is available for download on Steam. The game blends elements of MOBAs, battle royales and team shooters. A sci-fi third-person shooter set on a rogue planet, Crucible features a current roster of 13 different alien, robot, and human hunters to choose from. Each hunter has distinct loadouts of weapons and abilities to suit your playstyle. If you’re switching from a game like Overwatch, here’s what characters are closest to your mains. 

Captain Mendoza

Captain Mendoza is the perfect character to pick up if you’re a newcomer. An army veteran, he uses a pulse rifle to shoot and has a sprint ability with no cooldown, which makes him very mobile. Additionally, he can call down a barrier to cover him, complete with its own medkit. He gains extra health if he gains enough essence from harvesters and killing enemies. He also uses flash grenades to blind enemies. Think Soldier 76 but with more utility. 

Rahi & Brother

Rahi & Brother wield offensive short-range lasers and energy-absorbing shields making them resemble Zarya and Symmetra. The short-range laser converts some of the damage into his shield, powering his melee attack. He also can send out a shield that will protect allies and slow down enemies. His robot drone allows him to scout ahead and lets Rahi teleport to him. He also has a super jump like Baptiste. 


If you’re a Doomfist main, you’re going to like Summer. This flamethrower wielding future galactic champ can deal mid-range flamethrower attacks, fireballs and even use her weapons to blast into the air leaving behind Area of Effect flames on the ground. You can also use your flamethrowers to leap large distances. Watch out though, those flamethrowers overheat when you use your abilities, leaving Summer unable to attack. Playing her is going to be walking a tightrope between risk and reward


Shakirri can switch between a sword for melee attacks and a pistol for shooting making her a very versatile hunter. She can also create a holo shield which is similar to Genji’s Deflect in that it reflects attacks back at her enemies. She also has a dome-shaped shield like Winston but which traps enemies inside it. 


Ajonah is quite similar to Widowmaker, she uses a harpoon gun like a sniper rifle. Her grappling hook allows her to take the high ground from where she can aim down sights for increased damage. Ajonah can throw damage-dealing mines and a jamming shroud that blocks her and her allies' locations from location-tracking heroes like Rahi & Brother, making her ability sort of the anti-Widowmaker ultimate


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