Here’s Why ADCs Aren’t Fun Anymore

Nutan Lele
4/May/2020 03:08 pm

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  • Changes in meta have made the role of ADC unfun to play.
  • XP changes mean ADCs fall behind compared to other lanes.
  • Costly items can slow down the path to completing core items.

In League of Legends, the meta for all roles is constantly changing and right now no role seems to be more frustrating than that of the ADC. The role of an ADC is basically that of a marksman, ranged champions whose ability to deal damage comes from their basic attacks. They use their range to inflict large amounts of damage from the backline while your frontline engages and crowd controls the enemy.  

Usually, ADCs build items that grant attack damage, attack speed and critical strike to maximize damage output. However, because of the way they build, marksmen are glass cannons. For example, if they get caught out by an assassin, they’re done. Unless your mid or top laner is super fed, once your ADC dies, you’re forced to retreat from team fights. 

Frustrating Bot Lane Changes

The current meta in League isn’t in favour of the bot lane because of a number of factors. Since patch 9.23, the XP distribution was that duos at bot only get 75% of the XP granted by the minion wave compared to 100% in solo lanes. This means that other lanes levelled up faster, gaining earlier access to their ults and other ability points. Thus, it can amount to a difference of up to 2 levels or more despite having a better creep score. 

Patch 10.8 made things even more difficult for ADC players. From level one to six, solo kills grant 20% more XP and assisted kills grant 20% less XP. Even if the bottom lane duo gets multiple early game kills, these won’t be as significant as before. 

Another issue is the high cost of items. The core builds of ADCs cost a lot more than that of someone comparable in mid lane, like AD assassins. An ADC’s core build requires pricey items like Essence Reaver, Stormrazor and Infinity Edge. On the other hand, a mid AD assassin will build a cheaper Youmuu's Ghostblade, Duskblade of Draktharr and Edge of Night. That gold difference can range between 600-1000, depending on the situation, meaning ADCs need more minion waves or kills to complete items.

Does this mean the role isn’t enjoyable at all? Of course not. But it takes a strong resolve to play ADC, especially in solo queue. It might look bad now but Riot does take note of player demands. Since ADC players have been voicing their concerns, Riot is sure to bring some changes to the role in future patches. One can hope.


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