Dota 2 Fans Merge Juggernaut With Other Heroes to Create Hilarious Memes

Rakshak Kathuria
21/Mar/2021 11:19 am

Dota 2 fans have created a series of Juggernaut memes where the faces of Dota 2 heroes and the initial alphabets of their names have been replaced by Juggernaut's face and letters of his name.
For example, Juggernaut and Io have been fused to form "Jio", Juggernaut and Pudge have been merged to make "Judge."
Here is a compilation of all these hilarious memes.

Dota 2 fans never refrain from showing their lame yet funny ideas of the game on Reddit. In an ongoing hilarious trend, the Dota 2 Reddit community is merging Juggernaut with other heroes to create intriguing names and models of the newly formed hero. In most of these cases, Juggernaut’s face has replaced the faces of the other heroes like Io, Pudge, Techies, and the alphabet "J" of his name has replaced initial alphabets of their names to create “Jio”, “Judge” and “Juggies.” As most fans are just enjoying this Dota 2 hero merger trend, some have even gone on to create the possible abilities of the newly consolidated character.

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Dota 2 Fans Create a Hilarious Compilation of Juggernaut Memes

Reddit user, u/dcneil, was one of the first persons who kickstarted this series of Juggernaut memes. After a DotaCinema YouTube video with the name “Juggercopter” went out, the user, who works with DotaCinema created an image of the hero and posted it on Reddit.

JuggercopterImage Via u/dcneilHe then hilariously made another fusion as he put a couple of Juggernaut faces on Io and also replaced Io’s spirits with these faces.

Fans have gone crazy after these couple of memes as they have created several hero fusions.


JunkkaImage Via u/TheDamnCubePossible abilities: 
  • Tidebringer is just Omnislash with cleave damage. (u/Cptsparkie23)
  • Omnislash, but Tidebringer procs on every hit. (u/SirFireball)


JuggerwinkImage Via u/OxTearPossible ability:
  • Successful connection of Sharpshooter results in a Swiftslash from a distance. 


Like every other Riki meme, the image showed nothing but just a random in-game screenshot. 

  • Smoke Screen AOE heals allies for the same value as Healing Ward. 

Junkey King

This combination looked to be one of the most neatly designed.

Junkey KingImage Via u/ING_ZAPossible Ability:
  • Primal Spring procs Blade Fury based on the time chaneled. 


JuggermotherScreengrab Via u/dcneilPossible Ability:
  • Adds Blade Dance to Broodmother’s Ultimate.


Two Arcana models of Juggernaut on Jakiro’s heads looked stunning.

JukiroImage Via u/ruturajtawdePossible Ability:
  • Jukiro swiftslashes through the units that are affected by Ice Path.


Though this one had one of the ugliest models, the name was quite comical.

JudgeImage Via u/tox1c_cPossible Ability:
  • Successful duration of Fresh Meat triggers Blade Fury.


The creator of this new character hilariously uploaded it with the caption “Sooner or later this had to be done.”

JuggiesImage Via u/ApareshkaPossible Ability:
  • Healing Mines- When a mine explodes all nearby allies are healed. (u/EconomyCow6616)


Arguably the most comical one, presenting the “Jaben.”

JabenImage Via u/Thich_QuangDucPossible Ability: 
  • Investment in Dota 2 heals the competitive scene.

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Recently, admins of Dota 2 Reddit had restricted the number of anime posts so as to maintain a balance. However, with this insane influx of Juggernaut memes, Dota 2 Reddit has now comically turned into Jugeddit. It will be interesting to see if the /r/Dota2 mods decide to create a Juggernaut-themed subreddit as a result.


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