CIS Midlaner MagicaL Will Be Investigated Due to Match Fixing Suspicions

Rakshak Kathuria
26/Feb/2021 12:14 pm

CIS midlane player, MagicaL, has been accused of betting against his former team, XactJlepbI, in the CIS DPC League. He was removed from the team on February 21.
The manager and players of XactJlepbI have stated that they have filed a match fixing case with ESIC and ESL against MagicaL for intentionally throwing the matches.
MagicaL has denied the claims that he was removed from XactJlepbI for betting charges and labeled them to be just rumors that someone, possibly from his own team is spreading.

CIS midlane player Idan "MagicaL" Vardanian, who was removed from XactJlepbI’s roster on Feb 21, has been accused of betting against the team in the CIS DPC 2021 Season 1: Lower Division. As per a report from the CIS portal,, the members of XactJlepbI have filed a match fixing case against MagicaL to the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) and CIS DPC organizers, ESL. The complaint reportedly states that MagicaL deliberately bet against his team and intentionally threw games. It has also been revealed that he was removed from the roster for the same reason.

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CIS midlaner, MagicaL, accused of betting against his team at the DPC League

After the news that MagicaL was involved in a match fixing incident emerged, the manager of XactJlepbI asked the Dota 2 community not to jump to conclusions since the matter was sensitive. 

He explained that XactJlepbI’s players were confident that they should have won the series against Imperial Pro Gaming. So when the team watched the matches’ replays, which they felt should have been won, and concluded that MagicaL might be throwing games.

The manager stated that the team does not want to harm the reputation of their midlaner and hence has submitted all case files they had with ESL and ESIC, who will be investigating this issue.

XactJlepbI’s position five player Aleksandr "Nofear" Churochkin elaborated the situation. According to Nofear,

  • The team felt something fishy after their first match in the series against Imperial pro Gaming on February 12 as MagicaL had some questionable and strange moves. He mentioned that they had even said: “what the 322” during the game as a joke to highlight his plays.
  • After the game, Nofear stated that people were messaging the team’s position four player, KingR, that bets on the match had been cancelled. He revealed that KingR had himself been offered money for throwing this match a day before it had to take place but he had refused to do so.
  • The person who offered KingR money had gone on to say that someone on their team had already accepted such an offer but NoFear stated that the team had brushed this claim aside. 
  • However, after watching the replays “20 times” and consulting with players and coaches from many teams, Nofear stated that they began to suspect MagicaL and reported it to ESL and ESIC.
  • The team did not intend to make this issue public because of the seriousness of the issue. However, everything got inadvertently leaked to the community.
  • If the charges are confirmed, then XactJlepbI will be removed from the DPC League and will not get their share of prize money. Nofear mentioned that they have only sent indirect evidence to the two organizations, and it is up to them to make the decision.

MagicaL’s response to the betting allegations

Magical has responded to the accusations in a comment to He denied all allegations and labeled them to be just rumors that someone, possibly from his team, is spreading. 

He also added that he had no motivation to play in the final matches of the CIS DPC League as well as with this team, and he often had conflicts with them. He concluded by saying that he would be assembling his own team.

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MagicaL left XactJlepbI on February 21 following the conclusion of the team’s matches in the CIS 2021 DPC Season 1: Lower Division. The team finished in 6th place.


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