MinD_ContRoL Gets Criticized For Game-Ruining Behavior

Rakshak Kathuria
26/Jan/2021 10:38 am

A Reddit user has criticized MinD_ContRoL for ruining games without any reason.
According to a clip that he recorded, MinD_ContRoL can be seen going AFK in the base, selling his items to buy five Fluffy hats and refusing to communicate with his team.
As per Valve rules, professional players with verified accounts can not be sent into low priority because earlier, they used to receive multiple baseless reports.

Team Nigma’s offlaner, Ivan Borislavov "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov, has come under scrutiny for game-ruining behavior in a pub match. A Reddit user who was his teammate created a thread on this issue where he stated that MinD_ContRoL might be ruining games for fun.  

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Dota 2 player alleges that MinD_ContRoL is ruining his ranked games

The Reddit user, u/ScytherDOTA, claimed that MinD_ContRoL was ruining his games for “absolutely no reason.” While posting a clip where Nigma’s offlaner could be seen going AFK, the user mentioned that he might be deliberately giving up on games either for fun or if he was inebriated.

In the clip, MinD_ContRoL had bought five Fluffy hats in the match and sat idle in the base. He also planted all available Observer wards outside the Fountain and refused to answer when his teammates tried to communicate with him.  

“Honestly, I can understand some pros wanting to chill, play uncommunicative and try out builds. I'm fine with that.

MC has these phases where he randomly decides to ruin games, not sure if its somebody else on his account because he never talks. I had him in my avoid list a while back, then when I realized his phase is over, I removed it. If you're coping with something, this is not the way man. Get some fucking help.”

A lot of people in the Reddit thread highlighted the fact that pro players who have verified accounts are protected by Valve and can not get into low-priority despite getting multiple reports. The user felt that this needed to be removed.

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This immunity to the professional players has reportedly been in practice for a long time because other players used to report them for the sake of fun, without any basis. However, as evident from this clip, this feature has a flip side too as the professional players can go unharmed despite displaying game ruining behavior. 


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