EternaLEnVy Gives A Hilarious Interview After Winning DOTA Summit 13: Americas

Rakshak Kathuria
9/Nov/2020 12:40 pm

EternaLEnVy gave a hilarious post-match interview after winning the DOTA Summit 13: Americas.
His stack, Team Zero, ended Quincy Crew's dominating eight tournament winning streak by beating them 3-2 in the Grand finals.
EternaLEnVy's replies were lame yet funny in the interview and he also mentioned that his stack will continue playing together for now.

EternaLEnVy’s 4Fun stack, Team Zero, in a historical win ended Quincy Crew’s eight tournament winning streak. They defeated them 3-2 in an extremely exciting series in the grand finals to emerge as the champions of DOTA Summit 13: Americas. 

After the victory, EternaLEnVy was called in for a post-match interview, and like always, he was at his lame but witty best.

EternaLEnVy’s Amusing Interview With SUNSfan, BSJ and Jenkins

The king of throws as he is called, EternaLEnVy, is regarded as one of the best Dota 2 entertainers of all time. Despite all the flak he gets for some of his weird plays, the Canadian has achieved a lot of success, particularly during his time with the Team Secret organization and is also a popular streamer. But in recent times, EternaLEnVy has not been able to play for a stable roster and has had no tournament victories.

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Now, he, with a stack comprising of other American free agents and professionals, has been able to take down the NA Raid boss, Quincy Crew, handing them their first tournament loss since April 2020. His stack, Team Zero, in a rather surprising result considering their dismal last-place finish at BTS Pro Series 3, has won the DOTA Summit 13: Americas in a very gruelling series.

After the win, EternaLEnVy came in for the customary winners’ post-match interview which proved to be a sarcastic one.

The interview started off with a weird yet funny interaction as the panel and Twitch chat thought EternaLEnVy was speaking to himself but he was actually talking to the production team as he could not hear the panel. As the issue got resolved, SUNSfan congratulated EternaLEnVy on the win and welcomed him to the interview. EternaLEnVy thanked him and replied, “Welcome to me,” which was a KEKW moment for the viewers.

Jenkins asked EternaLEnVy the first question regarding his Ring of Aquila always being toggled off. EternaLEnVy looked unaware of this fact as it looked like he always forgot to turn it on.

“What (with a lot of surprise)? My Aquila turned off? That’s a secret.” Jenkins further asked if EternaLEnVy would tell him if he was right or not if he told the reason behind the Aquila remaining turned off to which EternaLEnVy replied in the negative because he knew that Jenkins would guess it right considering he always forgot to toggle it on. 

Jenkins asked him, “If someone was an offlane player and he was learning the carry position, what would you suggest him as he was making a transition from a role in which he has to run in and feed to a role where he is not allowed to feed?” BSJ interrupted in between to mockingly say that this player was Jenkins. 

EnternaLEnVy At Dreamlague S10EternaLEnVy is one of the most intriguing personalities of Dota 2.
Image Via Dreamhack
EternaLEnVy in a savage reply which made everybody laugh said, “If you are playing in my bracket, you should definitely avoid me. That is the first thing that you should do.” He also further mocked Jenkins saying, “ I don’t know what to tell you. You should understand the game and be able to switch roles.” 

SUNSfan further asked him about the future of Team Zero to which EternaLEnVy’s candid reply was, “ I have no idea. No one talks to each other about it. We occasionally message each other on discord. Sometimes, I even show up at halfway stage into the draft.” 

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EternaLEnVy also did mention further that his 4Fun stack was going to stick together in the times to come in a response to BSJ’s question. 

EternaLEnVy has been one of those jocular figures in competitive Dota 2 who always shows up with some insane but funny plays or talks. He also jokingly tweeted after the win that his team carried him and he was going back to playing Teamfight Tactics, a game that he has played a lot recently. 

All in all, EternaLEnVy’s stack has pulled off a massive win against Quincy Crew and considering Team Secret’s end to an amazing win streak by Liquid recently, it certainly proves the fact that no team is insurmountable and history never repeats itself. 


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