Esports Teams & Talent Make Memes On US President Elections

Rakshak Kathuria
5/Nov/2020 01:09 pm

Esports teams and players took to twitter to meme about the ongoing US Presidential elections.
B8 esports showed Joe Biden as promising to remove Techies from Dota and as a result, winning all the votes
Teams like Spirit and Empire and Dota 2 personalities like Nahaz and Blitz also took a dig at the elections with their own humorous memes.

As the US Presidential elections sit on the final stages with a cut-throat competition between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the gaming community is enjoying this tense race in their own way. Dota 2 and CS:GO fans and teams have come up with hilarious memes by using the electoral college areas. 

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Memes On US Presidential Elections 

The organization of B8 Esports, founded by Danil "Dendi" Ishutin showed a meme featuring Joe Biden who promises to remove Techies from Dota. As a result, jokingly, he gained all the 538 electoral votes.

The Russian squad of Team Spirit posted a similar meme in which they showed Joe Biden saying, “Remove Vertigo.” Vertigo is a map in CS:GO that replaced the popular map of Cache in March 2019 to get added to the pool of competitive Counter-Strike maps. Since then, many CS:GO fans, as well as players, have expressed their detest towards the map.

A hilarious tweet by the CIS organization of Team Empire took a dig at Faceless Void who recently lost his second Arcana vote finals to Spectre. In addition, Faceless Void has attained many top 8 positions in the Arcana Vote but unfortunately, he still has not been granted with any exclusive Arcana. 

Popular Dota 2 host, Alan "Nahaz" Bester, posted a picture of Ana on his signature hero Spectre as a combo that could help Joe Biden clutch out the final moments of this election. He tagged all of OG’s TI winning roster asking them to help win these ultimate decisive moments of the US election which he hilariously compared to a ‘teamfight.’

Head coach of Team Liquid, William “Blitz” Lee jocularly compared Joe Biden’s impressive run at the presidential elections with a ‘Liquid Lower Bracket run.’ Team Liquid has been widely known for showing their best Dota when they fall down to the lower brackets like the winners at TI7, runner ups at TI9 and the champions at the recently concluded ESL One Germany 2020.

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Though Biden now has a sizeable lead, the competition has been very close in this US Presidential election. On the other hand, gamers from around the globe have taken part in the elections in their own sarcastic ways. A humorous touch has certainly been added to this stiff competition in the elections by the esports community.


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