GoDz on Dota 2 Match Fixing “I’ve heard allegations that 75% of teams in SEA are involved”

Rakshak Kathuria
30/Oct/2020 10:57 am

GoDz appeared on Zyori's podcast called 'Zyori Plus One' and put forward some bold statements about match fixing in Dota 2.
He said, "I have heard allegations that 75 percent of teams in Southeast Asia are involved in Dota 2 match fixing."
GoDz mentioned about a match fixing incident in BTS Pro Series involving a team called PlusOne and also about problems posed by spot fixing in Dota.

BeyondtheSummit (BTS) co-founder, David 'GoDz' Parker appeared on caster Andrew 'Zyori' Campbell’s podcast called Zyori Plus One. A number of esports topics were discussed between both of them but one thing that surprised everybody was the segment about match-fixing in Dota 2. GoDz put forward his experiences of witnessing match fixing in the tournaments organized by BTS while also stating that match fixing is bigger than most people realize.

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GoDz’s Statements About Match Fixing In Dota

GoDz was initially asked if knew about the betting and match-fixing stuff happening in Dota 2 to which he replied in the positive, stating that their organization, BTS has banned organizations in the past for fixing matches. 

“There was a match fixing incident in Pro series(BTS Pro Series S2: Americas) in which the players involved screwed the match fixing. There is a 16-17-year-old kid, David “DNM” Cossio who is an NA pub player, ranked in the top 10 playing with a team called PlusOne. His teammates have been instructed to lose the game but DNM is not in on it and trying his best to carry the game on Troll Warlord. His teammates feed intentionally and disconnect and don’t reconnect. He micros other heroes and plays the game 3v5 to carry them to a win, in a game they are meant to lose. The next day, I receive a text from their manager reporting three of their players for match fixing.”

GoDz also stated that the manager of PlusOne had been associated with many teams and he mentioned that there were some “illegal underground Chinese betting operations who are organizing all this match fixing.”

GoDz then expressed his concern with the “rampant amount of match fixing going on,”

“Matchfixing in Dota 2 is far more rampant and common than anybody knows. I have heard allegations that 75 percent of teams in Southeast Asia are involved with this. I don’t agree with that number necessarily but this is what I have heard from an esports data company. The problem is that it is very easy to to do at an individual level. Throwing games like PlusOne did is hard because Dota is a team game. But some teams in CIS (Yellow Submarine) have been contacted to fix certain smaller aspects of the game like first bloods, first to 10 kills etc. So, an individual player can play badly in the lane and determine the outcome of a specific bet. Fixing on a team level is less common like Arrow Gaming got banned in the past but it is a widespread issue as it becomes impossible to detect on an individual level. How do you prove someone fed first blood intentionally? “

GoDz at DOTA 2 ChongQing MajorGodz states that it is impossible to detect Match Fixing at an individual level
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Zyori added to GoDz’s argument by stating that it can become unclear to detect such fixing at individual levels. He mentioned the fact that a player like iceiceice can go 0-4 in the laning phase but still manage to come on top of the laning phase because in addition to deaths/kills, last hits, denies and other factors also determine the outcome of the lane. So, it could become really hard to determine if a particular player is feeding or not. 

GoDz further also mentioned that in this era of online Dota, it becomes much more difficult to prove if a player is intentionally feeding or not deliberately reconnecting to a game like what happened in PlusOne’s issue. “If a player is playing from home, how do you prove anything,” he stated. 

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A lot of information regarding the status of match fixing in Dota 2 was revealed in this podcast. However, that wasn’t the only topic that Zyori and Godz spoke about. They also talked about a host of other topics like Twitch DMCA, Valve supporting BTS, NA teams etc. 


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