It’s Spectre vs Faceless Void in the Arcana Vote Final

Vignesh Raghuram
31/Aug/2020 06:28 pm

With TI10’s Battle Pass coming to a close in just a few short weeks, the Battle of the Arcana has reached its final battle. Two late-game monster carries, Faceless Void and Spectre will be facing off against each other in the Grand Finals of TI10’s Arcana Vote.

Road to Grand Finals of Arcana Vote TI10

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The Arcana Vote Finals for Faceless Void and Spectre

Every year, players who’ve purchased the Battle Pass for The International get to vote for their favorite heroes and determine which one is worthy enough to receive an Arcana item set. An arcana is usually a set with extensive customization to voice lines, spell icons, spell effects, particles, and more. It usually also expands on the lore of the hero.

These are some of the rarest quality of sets. No hero in the game has more than a single Arcana available for purchase. They usually only drop after the Arcana vote or are included with the Battle Pass.

This year, the two late-game carries Faceless Void and Spectre have made it to the Grand Finals of the voting process. Both heroes are fierce opponents with Millions of votes backing them. The previous round wasn’t even close with Faceless Void receiving over 66% of the votes against Sniper, while Spectre received almost 56% of the votes against the Witch Doctor.

TI10 Arcana Vote Semi Finals Results

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Last year, Ogre Magi edged out Windranger to win the Arcana votes competition at TI9.

We expect this to be one of the most closely contested Arcana votes competition in history.


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