Brazillian Esports Org Havan Liberty Picks Up Dota 2 Roster

Vignesh Raghuram
9/Aug/2020 09:43 am

In a surprising move, Dota 2 in South America got a big boost earlier this week. The Dota 2 roster of Midas Club has just been recruited by the popular Havan Liberty organization. Havan Liberty is one of the biggest esports clubs in Brazil featuring teams from League of Legends, FIFA, VALORANT and Teamfight Tactics.

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Havan Liberty Picks Up Former Midas Club Roster

This was announced through the organization's official social media accounts.

Project: Evolve

They also published a short video alongside the announcement. In the video, they revealed that this move is a part of Project: Evolve, a project through which Havan Liberty plans to expand its horizon across multiple esports titles in Free Fire, Dota 2, VALORANT, Rainbow 6, and more.

One of the objectives of this partnership is also to promote Dota 2 in Brazil. In Brazil, although Dota 2 is quite big and popular, CS:GO and League of Legends are simply bigger and better because they have a more consolidated scene and are supported by the developers.

The Players:

The current Havan Liberty roster, first played under FURIA roster but, weeks after their participation in the WePlay! Bukovel Minor, the organization decided to separate them.

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The Havan Liberty Roster which will compete under the organization up until the start of the DPC 2019-20 season will be:

Carry: Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes

Mid: Henry “murdOc” Felipe

Offlaner: Diego”Sexyfat” Santamaria

Soft Support: Lucas “Hyko” Morais

Hard Support: Heitor “Duster” Pereira

Coach: Filipe “Astini” Astini

Currently, Midas Club team is competing in Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 5. In this tournament, they managed to secure a second place finish in their group stages and qualified to the upper bracket in the playoffs. However, they lost to Thunder Predator 2-1 in the first match. 

Now, under a new organization, will they be able to recover and secure the championship with a Lower Bracket run?


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