How Valve Has Minimalized The Chances of You Getting Rare Immortals From TI 10's Battle Pass

Vignesh Raghuram
3/Jun/2020 10:18 am
  • This year, Valve has reduced the number of Immortal Treasures you receive compared to previous editions of the Battle Pass.
  • Valve has also halved the probability of Very Rare Items dropping from Immortal Treasures.
  • Sale of Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare Immortals have also been halted by Valve, unlike previous years, forcing people to spend more money on the Battle Pass.

Even though Valve made some changes earlier yesterday, increasing the number of levels that players can obtain by grinding the Battle Pass, Various members of the Dota 2 community have voiced their displeasure with Valve. Some even went so far as to call them “greedy”.

Players have pointed out that the number of Immortal Treasures that Valve offers with levelling up, has reduced significantly. 

Image Credit: /u/Bucksbanana

The scrapping of recycling and its replacement with a side shop has also made it very difficult to grind levels. Although players can directly buy Immortal Treasures from the Side Shop, the fact is that it is much less efficient than the previous year’s method.

Valve Has Halved The Chances of Very Rare Items Dropping From Immortal Treasures

Now Reddit user ethrzcty has also revealed that Valve has halved the chances of very rare items dropping from Immortal Treasures in The International 10 Battle Pass as compared to last year.

So if you felt that you were getting way less value from your Battle Pass compared to last year, your gut instinct was probably right.


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