How to Always Get Community Predictions Right in the International 2020 Battle Pass?

Vignesh Raghuram
26/May/2020 11:06 am

As we all know, Valve released their Battle Pass earlier today and it has been largely well-received for the sheer amount of content in it. With multiple new challenges, there are more ways to earn Battle Pass Points than ever before.

One of the easiest ways to earn this is through the community predictions challenge. It is quite easy to almost always be right with this prediction. 

Note: But before we proceed to tell you how to do this, we must warn you. The whole point of levelling your battle pass is about the grind and the thrill that comes from the possibility of defeat. Following the below-mentioned method will ruin some of the fun elements.

How to Always Get Community Predictions Right?

Step 1: Go to and select Combos or Click HERE.

Step 2: Enter the heroes that Valve has specified.

  • For example, today’s community prediction question was:

(Click the image to expand)

  • We enter this hero combination in the OpenDota Combos and find the match in which all 10 heroes were involved.

Step 3: Check the result of the match by clicking on the Match_Id

Step 4: Select this on the Battle Pass and Profit.

In total, players can win 3500 Battle Points or 3.5 Levels if they get 80 right answers.


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