Dota 2 Fans get Jebaited by Tobiwan’s “Lockdown Pass” Post

Vignesh Raghuram
23/Apr/2020 03:13 pm
  • Tobiwan makes a post on social media that teases a Battle Pass but Jebaits a lot of Dota 2 fans.
  • Valve is yet to comment on the current situation and whether TI10 will be cancelled or postponed

Tobiwan has always been one of Dota 2’s most popular talents. Many might even say that he is ‘the voice of Dota 2’. Being a community figure of that magnitude, he enjoys a massive online presence in various social media sites.

Tobiwan's Post

He made a post today on his social media profiles, which Jebaited most of the people who saw (atleast for a second). What was that post? You can take a look here.

Don’t see it yet? Read the title: “The Intertobernational”

With Dota 2 fans starved for content during the lockdown, we were all waiting for the Battlepass announcement. When we saw something resembling a remotely official post, we all were excited and then let down later.

Kinda similar to how you guys felt when AFK Gaming did the same thing, unintentionally, last week. We speculated that it would release on Tuesday, but nope. Valve failed to deliver, leading us to kill their beloved Pudge.

Oh well, Valve brought it on themselves.

We are not sure if it is a teaser of things to come, or if Tobi is also out of the loop with regards to the upcoming Battlepass.

Valve is yet to make any announcements regarding the Battle Pass and The International 10. A few have speculated that the tournament will be cancelled or postponed. 

We too agree considering the fact that the current situation across the globe will not allow fans, players and staff to travel to Stockholm, Sweden where The International 10 is scheduled to take place. 

An online TI is also out of the question considering the latency issues that teams across the globe will face. So we're still left waiting for Valve to come up with a solution. 

We would love to have a Battle Pass while we're waiting. Are you listening Valve?


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