Dendi Talks About ESL One LA Online And Speaks About The Game Against OG.

Vignesh Raghuram
22/Apr/2020 08:58 am
  • Dendi has started an English Podcast for his fans.
  • He speaks about B8 Esports performance at ESL One LA Online and talked about how they could have gotten better results if they didn't throw in the matches against OG and Cyber Legacy.
  • B8 Esports' next tournament will be the WePlay! Pushka League

Dendi and B8 Esports have been very active on the social media front after the inception of the team. They’ve made a ton of content for their fans across various platforms including Twitch and Youtube. However, it was mostly restricted to the Russian audience by virtue of language.

It looks like that has finally changed. Dendi and B8 Esports are now finally making an English Podcast with Zyori, and keep their English speaking fans in the loop as well.

In the first edition of this podcast, Dendi talks about various topics including the recent roster shuffles, adapting to new players, how he is spending his time in lockdown, and the new meta. The most interesting piece of conversation came with Dendi opening up about ESL One LA Online and his team’s performance in the tournament. For context, B8 Esports finished in the last place in their group in this tournament.

The player said:

“From this tournament, we actually learnt a lot. We were fighting against the best teams from both the regions. We are a new team, so we’re trying to get it going, we’re trying to show some results, we’re trying to fight but because we are so fresh, we throw a lot of games. 

I felt like we could have gotten better results. For example against Cyber Legacy, I think we could have won. The second series we could have 2-1d, against OG. We were leading the third game and I believed that we could finish this game and also win. So we were giving away some games.

Some games we were very disappointed.”

You can watch the full podcast HERE.

Dendi and B8 Esports will be competing in the WePlay! Pushka League in just two days.


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